Best Hiding Places for Christmas Presents


The holidays will be upon us before we know it, and that means making memories with the family, enjoying delicious food…and getting gifts! There are lots of presents. That’s probably the most important part to your kids and that’s why hiding Christmas gifts from prying young eyes isn’t as simple as it seems. What is the best place to hide the presents you give your children? Use these hidden spots to hide your holiday gifts until Santa arrives.

Attic, Basement, or Garage

Your children know their closets are the best places to look for Christmas presents. Changing things up doesn’t have to be too difficult: pick a less obvious place. If you have an attic, a basement, or a garage, go there.

You’ll need plain boxes for hiding your Christmas presents, no matter where you hide them. On the box, write something misleading. Bonus points. A simple “insurance form” should suffice.

Storage Unit

It is useful to have storage units over the holidays in a variety of situations. Renting a mini-storage unit may be a good idea if, for example, your kids are extremely persistent in their hunt for hidden gifts, or if you just have a long Christmas list and need more space to hide gifts.

Have you ever wondered how to hide a large present? In this situation, storage units can be a great solution. You can hide things in a storage unit easily. You will have peace of mind during the holiday season with this solution, which offers month-to-month lease terms, large units, and convenient locations.

RV, Boat, or Trunk

It is more likely for nosy relatives to go shopping for presents while you are out of the house. Why not take the presents with you? Don’t put your gifts in a tote bag; put them in your trunk so that they’re always with you when you leave. Make sure to cover your trunk or lay a blanket over your festive boxes and bags before putting them inside. If you have a boat or RV that you don’t use as often in the holiday season (if at all), then these could be fantastic hiding places for the presents. 

Under the Tree

This year, try using something different than the usual method of hiding Christmas gifts in odd spots for your kids. Your stash of gifts should not be hidden in plain sight. If you usually put other family members’ presents under the tree such as for Grandparents then you may be able to get away with wrapping some of their presents early and hiding them under the tree. They will just think that they are for someone else and not be as interested. They certainly won’t go present hunting under the tree for them, as that’s too obvious, right? 

Stop searching for Christmas gift hiding ideas. Our tips will ensure your Christmas presents are a surprise this year. Don’t forget to file away a few of these ideas for next year to keep your kids on their toes.