When the world is hit by a pandemic, a lot of businesses needed to adapt to the changes. With people staying home and living in isolation, they still want to enjoy their favorite foods. A lot of restaurants saw the opportunity to implement mobile ordering and their business continued to thrive. While others withered away.

Why did some thrive and others not? Why did mobile ordering apps make all the difference?

Delivery and Curbside Pickup Option

A mobile ordering app gives consumers the option of how they receive their food. If a customer prefers delivery, they can select that option in the mobile ordering app. If the customer chooses to go and pick up their food, there is also the option to do curbside pickup. 

Whatever the case may be, the fact that mobile ordering apps give flexibility to customers is a strong selling point.

Earn Points for Purchases; Points Get them Free/Discounted Items

Within a mobile app, restaurants have the ability to let customers earn points for purchases, as well as free and/or discounted items. This is a major selling point when it comes to marketing your respective mobile app. 

If you put yourself in the customer’s shoes, wouldn’t you want to be able to earn free food and drinks? Of course you would.

Avoid Talking to People

Another benefit of mobile ordering is the fact that customers will not have to talk to anyone. Yes, small talk is nice some of the time, but in a restaurant setting where things are moving a mile a minute, both your customers and workers could live without the weather talk. 

By avoiding talking to people, you save your, and your customers’, time. That is a big component as to why mobile ordering is better than ordering at the counter. 

Takes 2 Minutes

As mentioned above, mobile ordering makes the process of food ordering much faster. Instead of having a customer stand in line and go over what they would like on their pizza, sandwich, whatever, they can just open their app, and personally order their meal in less than five minutes.

Avoiding Employee Error Because You Put it in Yourself

Some view this as the best part of mobile ordering, but the fact that customers are able to input and personalize their order without fear of an employee error is a big reason for the growth of mobile ordering. 

Listing out which items they want and which items they do not want can get frustrating for both your restaurant workers and customers. So, develop a mobile app if you have not; it saves a lot of time, and time is money.