Top 5 Productivity Tips for Android Developers

How efficient and robust software a developer writes is strongly dependent on their knowledge, expertise, and experience. With experience the expertise on using and knowledge of proper tools, collaboration, and development steps that developers follow improve. But, apart from experience you also have to begin a self learning journey and improve yourself over time. To embark yourself on that journey this is the perfect place. If you are an android developer wanting to improve yourself then keep on reading this article. Following we have listed productivity tips for android developers. On the other hand if you want to hire android developers then this article can become a list of questions to ask.

Support annotations

Support annotation library is very useful if you know how to use it properly. To add it to your project is very simple and easy, add “ support-annotations: 23.4.0″ to the build.gradle file. metadata or support annotations will help you not only detect and catch bugs but beautify your code and define rules. But do not worry about complying truly to the rules, your project will compile and run even if you do not. But you can see the problematic areas as they will be highlighted.

Code review

Make code review a habit before deployment. Check how the features and app will work completely. Here are the steps to follow.
  1. Do changes on current branch
  2. Do branch review
  3. Configure your IDE with the code
  4. Read the code
  5. Compile, launch and, test
  6. Repeat from 1 until everything is right

Automate testing

Manually testing will not only waste your time but cause you to lose track of bugs that occur. Automating the tests will give you time to improve and fix the bugs in the meanwhile. For that you can write scripts for devices you can either write separate tests or add a tiny script to the original test case. Hiring android developers who can write test cases and scripts is thus very important.

Test for OS versions and devices

Testing for different OS versions and different devices is very important because all your audience will not be using the devices you are using to test and build the application. Different bugs that often occur are touch problems, color difference, app crashing due to old systems.

Android Manifest project dependency

AndroidManifest.xml in editor or your IDE is not always the same, but most of you already knew that. This is because libraries developers are using are included in the app build and those libraries may require permission to be included in the main file. So, checking you AndriodManifest becomes important. Merged Manifest Viewer is a tool which can help you with your android manifest merger based on different things. These productivity tips are more suitable for android developers who are at a mid mid level or at least have some years of experience. To hire an android developer who fits the project requirements you have. To hire such developers you can vteams.