Top Webinar Platform Features for Online Education


Webinars are essential to education. They give teachers a potent means of connecting with pupils and creating bonds that can encourage involvement and learning. Not every webinar platform is made equally. Some people are more capable than others of meeting the demands of the educational curriculum. There are many excellent webinar systems available, but only a small number actually stands out as the best of the best.

However, it might be challenging for training and educational institutions to discover and use the correct webinar hosting service provider. There are other alternatives available. But not all of them will be suitable for your requirements. In order to help you choose the ideal platform for your business, we’ll go through the essential elements you should search for in an online webinar platform for training and education institutions.

Must-have features of the webinar platform 

Document Sharing

Another feature that makes webinar hosting a particularly practical tool for instructors and participants is document sharing. During continuing sessions, the lecturers or speakers can effortlessly share materials, making learning incredibly simple. The organizers may also provide attendees with access to and downloads of various materials or PDFs. The capability of the webinar platform makes learning much easier for students.

Simple user interface 

Everything must be flawless and specially designed to improve the learner’s experience. With a one-step sign-on, students can swiftly log in, easily browse the website, rapidly access the necessary learning tools, and stay engaged throughout the process. Request a trial as a brand-new user and see how quickly you can find and obtain what you require – without assistance from their sales or technical teams – to help you decide which webinar platform is the finest for you. In order to get your learners up to speed on how to use the platform without further L&D support, some platforms feature the Getting Started sections and other How-To tutorials.

Keep in mind that users won’t use a platform if it isn’t easy to use. It’s a waste of time no matter what it has to offer if your learners can’t access relevant online courses and information.


The webinar platform you use should offer you a scalable solution for running the online lecture or class. This feature of a webinar platform simply implies that the event planner can scale their event whenever they like. It is preferable to join a platform that offers you the best functionalities entirely within your means rather than one that restricts you to a predetermined strategy.

Interactive elements

You should be able to integrate interactive elements thanks to your webinar management service provider. Online interactivity can take the form of quizzes, audio files, movies, simulations, and gamification, for instance. The students become actively involved, which increases their motivation. The ability for students to take notes, share them with their peers or teachers, bookmark pages, look up information, highlight material, and do other functions should be provided. If interactive elements are present, learners will be more interested in the course materials. As a result, interactive components are required.


While the decision to monetize the webinar is yours, it is a good idea to choose a platform that offers outstanding integrations. You will be able to charge guests a small price to access the crucial webinar papers and resources thanks to the option of monetization. The functionality will make it possible for professors to get paid without using another platform.

Breakout Rooms

A virtual breakout room makes it easier for a small group of guests to connect, talk, and network with one another while also working as a team. As a result, it’s crucial to pick a webinar service provider that provides breakout rooms to facilitate easy interaction and streamline relationship building.

Analytic feature 

Everything varies, including the number of users who have registered, the number of users who have attended, replay views, peak attendance, and peak time. You must be able to access all of these statistics in order to guarantee the greatest outcomes. Statistics are among the most beneficial components for any corporation because they enable you to examine the areas that want improvement. Metrics are incredibly illuminating, and they will provide you with the degree of detail you require to make the required adjustments to advance your company.

Mobile responsiveness

Your webinar attendees should be able to access every aspect of the experience on their mobile devices. This implies that no one should have any compatibility or resolution concerns when using a mobile device. The global mobile audience is expanding daily, and in certain regions, there are more mobile users than desktop or laptop users. It’s crucial to keep in mind that smartphones are far more practical and accessible than desktop or laptop PCs.

This is one of the factors contributing to the size and importance of the mobile audience. You should check to see if the platform you choose will produce material that is appropriate for mobile devices. For those that don’t employ platforms with mobile capability for their webinars, a significant portion of potential attendance will be lost.

Recording feature 

Hosting webinars have the additional benefit of enabling your audience to view them whenever it’s convenient for them. Additionally, having the option to record makes it possible for viewers to access your webinar for longer. Additionally, edited content is a benefit of recorded content. As an illustration, editing your recorded webinar enables you to produce digital content that you can utilize in the future. Additionally, you can use these recordings to grow your subscriber base through your official website and social media accounts.

With just one drag-and-drop operation, the webcast library on enables you to copy old sessions or add new webcasts. Additionally, the app has a calendar where you may add forthcoming webinars to your agenda. Additionally, most webinar platform allows for webinar live video streaming on different social media platforms.