Is Your Restaurant’s POS System Ready for Small Business Saturday?


Small Business Saturday takes place on the 28th of November this year, the Saturday after Black Friday. It is a chance for small businesses across the country to offer discounts and promote their services shortly before the holiday season. It is also a great time to experiment with new store or restaurant POS systems.

If you are a small business owner, it is a great time to make sure your POS system is working well.  It also helps to ensure it is up to date with the latest technology. Be sure to test out any new POS technology that you’d like to implement in the weeks before Small Business Saturday. This trial period helps to work out any kinks. Best 3 Ways To Get Instant Cash Loan in 1 Hour Dubai

Contactless payment

Don’t miss out on a greater surge of business on small business Saturday by not having a contactless payment system available. Especially during the pandemic, contactless payments are a valued customer service. Contactless payments make POS systems a good bit more efficient. 

There are many contactless card readers to choose from. Many of these card readers are very easy to install and set up.

Booking / Reservation service

This year’s small business Saturday is expected to be slightly different with more restrictions in place and obstacles to overcome- especially with regards to lower capacity in many stores and restaurants. 

Get your booking service up and running before November 28th, so that customers are able to have an appointment to shop. This will reduce the amount of customers waiting outside of the store and help them to shop more efficiently.


If your small business is a restaurant or cafe, now is a great time to set up an OpenTable profile in anticipation of small business Saturday. 

OpenTable has been around since 1998. It is a part of Small businesses use the backend software to take real-time reservations from customers on the website. Avoid a missed reservation or overbook your restaurant by using this software. This software is loved by both customers and businesses. 

ToGo orders

Similar to OpenTable, Togo orders allows customers to place orders at participating restaurants from anywhere. You are provided a mobile site that is built custom to your business’s needs. This way, can put your menu in front of customers on the go. This allows them to place orders using a simple and intuitive interface. 

This POS system is an easy food ordering system that integrates easily with existing software and improves customer experience and revenue. 

Offer deals on pickup/takeout orders

In preparation for Small Business Saturday, it makes sense to brainstorm some deals that might boost your business. Small business Saturday is extensively advertised, and many businesses will be linking up with each other to take advantage of the buzz.

One option for an offer could be reducing the price of pickup or takeout orders when customers use a service you want, such as Togo Restaurant POS system.

Loyalty points

Another great incentive for customers on Small Business Saturday is to offer customers loyalty points on their orders. Usually, loyalty points are given to orders over a certain price range. These points add up to a discount on a future order. 

Encourage your customers to shop on Small Business Saturday by offering more loyalty points than usual. You can also offer surprise loyalty points on smaller orders. If customers like your products and their experience with your business, loyalty points give them an extra reason to come back. 

Learn how to track sales data

Small Business Saturday is all about promoting your small business and working with other small businesses to generate a buzz. It also helps to grow your business’s reputation within your community. It’s an excellent opportunity to experiment with your processes and gather new data. 

This data can be extremely valuable when analyzing the performance of your business and setting annual goals. Prepare for Small Business Saturday by identifying suitable analytic software and understanding how these analytics can benefit you.