3 Reasons To Use A Dispatch Field Service App


Electrics, plumbers, and other technicians often fail to show on time and this can bring a negative reputation to any company.  Management is helpless and there’s not much they can do, especially when it comes to tracking technicians since they already have much trouble dealing with all other tasks, including dispatching, routing, billing, scheduling, and storing customer information.

So, is there any solution?

Luckily, yes. Thanks to the developments in technology, there are plenty of software solutions that help improve dispatch field service and have a greater pool of satisfied customers. Instant cash loan in 1 hour Dubai 

One of the most successful solutions seems to be Field Service Management (FSM), a software solution designed to automate the whole process of scheduling, dispatching, routing, invoicing, and others in order to boost efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction rate.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should consider using a dispatch field service app.

What is Field Service Management?

Field Service Management (FSM) is a software solution designed to organize field operations, including dispatching, order management, inventory management, scheduling, and vehicle tracking, among many others.

Using this solution can help you solve three of the biggest problems that may occur:



          customer satisfaction

 Increase efficiency

With FSM solution, you are enabled to organize all processes: documentation, customer complaints, delays, paying bills, scheduling, and more.

It will help file all data and forms, update logs at the office, technicians will be able to focus more on their important tasks and managers on what matters, instead of dealing with tons of paperwork. All of your employees will complete more jobs in one day, which leads to an increase in productivity and an improved dispatch cycle.

Reduce costs

No matter what you do, your net profits still seem to be miserable, right? Well, FSM will help you reduce costs as well, as it can help you control all operational costs, spare hours, fuel consumption, route mess and more.

Quick response to your customers’ calls is ensured by real-time resource scheduling; you can reduce costs of idle time between on-site visits. Service information will improve service planning, reduce the waste in non-productive activities and costs for excess inventory.


Increase customer satisfaction

This is where an app comes in. You will not only be able to easily handle your clients’ calls by tracking and recording them.  Google calendar or Excel can still do the job, but not as effectively as the scheduling option your app provides. You can easily manage all your appointments by using a drag-and-drop calendar.  It will help you improve your response time and reduce the chance of missing an appointment.

You are also enabled to send notifications to your customers when your techs are on the way and regularly keep your customers updated.

The app will also help you collect an invoice, and your clients will be able to pay on spot using the app, which is extremely helpful, especially now during the pandemic, so you can protect not only your technicians but customers as well by avoiding direct contact and possibly spreading the virus if you’re paid by cash.