Four Precautions Every Californian Should Take Against Earthquakes


While living in California, it’s not uncommon to feel the earth tremble. Most of the time, these earthquakes are so small that you may not realize they are happening; however, on several occasions, California has been victim to larger earthquakes that have severely damaged the land and properties in the affected area.

Sadly, if you are unprepared, devastating damage can be caused to your property. This will cost more to repair than if you had spent the time and money preparing in the first place. By being prepared, you can have peace of mind that you have  taken the necessary precautions to prevent possible damage in the unfortunate event of an earthquake. Below are four basic precautions that every Californian should take against earthquakes.

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Install Furniture Correctly

When purchasing or installing new furniture in your home, be sure to stay aware of how it would handle both the small and large movements of an earthquake. Avoid buying items with wheels that might roll, and instead, choose ones you can secure to the ground.

Keep your plates, glassware, and cutlery in lower cupboards and secure the doors firmly so your breakable dishes won’t fall out and shatter during an earthquake. Picture frames, shelves, mirrors, and anything else that could fall from a wall or tip over should not be placed above a bed in case they fall off during an earthquake. Consider fixing these items securely to the wall.

Clean Your Gutters

It is essential to make sure you look after your gutters as they don’t only help with drainage; they also help add a layer of security to your walls, roof, and landscaping. If an earthquake hits, you’ll want peace of mind that your guttering has been looked after and should not lead to any adverse effects on your property.

Secure Water Heaters

When it comes to an earthquake’s threats, try not to think only about the things that can smash or fall to the floor. Think about the invisible dangers such as a gas leak. It’s essential to be prepared for any eventuality and to attach your heaters to the wall securely. 

If you haven’t bought one already, you could look at purchasing a special bracing kit at a local hardware store near you. Or, you can find a company near you like this Hollywood water heater company for help.

Understand Structural Risks

Earthquakes can cause an enormous amount of damage to your property if your building has not been inspected correctly. As a precaution, get an expert to examine your property and give you an in-depth report of the foundation. If any hazards are discovered, you can get things figured out before it’s too late.

Being prepared for an earthquake in California is a wise decision that will benefit you in the long run. Follow our four steps above and feel rest assured that you are well on your way to putting the necessary measures in place to reduce risk of damage to your property as well as yourself. As well as following the above suggestions, make sure you do your research to  best prepare yourself for an earthquake.