Managing the Ultimate Clean up Session Before Relocating


In 2018, it was reported that 40 million moves take place every year in the United States, with 80% of this mobility occurring between April and September. Generally, relocations can be stressful. However, a professional end of tenancy cleaning strategy can mitigate this hassle considerably. This post is all about managing that definitive clean up session to make your move smoother.

Understanding the Importance

You need to grasp why cleaning before relocating is imperative. The task might seem daunting, but it is more or less an unavoidable part of the relocation process. First off, cleaning rids your items of dust and debris, thereby protecting them from any potential damage. Secondly, a thorough cleanse gives you the chance to sort through your stuff, possibly leading to the discovery of lost items.

Creating a Cleaning Plan

Starting without a proper plan is like setting sail without a compass. To make sure your clean-up task goes smoothly, draft a layout detailing what you will clean and when. This plan aids in ensuring that everything gets addressed without any rushed or last-minute panic situations.

Starting Early

An early start to your cleaning session allows sufficient time to handle unexpected occurrences. Break down your cleaning activities over several days or weeks before the relocation date. Cleaning in stages triggers less burnout and provides room for flexibility during unforeseen circumstances—giving you control over your move out cleaning activities.

Cleaning by Room

It is wise to adopt a room-by-room approach when cleaning. You should aim to completely clean and clear each room before moving on to another one. Finishing with one room provides you with a visible achievement, and gradually, the task will not seem so hefty after all.

Managing Cleaning Supplies

All cleaning efforts would be in vain without the right supplies. Ensure that you stock up on essentials like detergent, scrub brushes, mops, and vacuum cleaners. Do not forget to complete your stash with gloves, facemasks, and other safety equipment. Remember to keep these cleaning supplies in an easily retrievable location during your activities.

Deciding What to Keep

Relocating is the perfect time to decide what you need and what you can discard. Use this opportunity to sort through your belongings. Label them into sections of ‘must-have’, ‘can manage without’, and ‘donate’. It can lessen the load of things you need to move and clean significantly.

Pack As You Clean

A brilliant tactic is to pack things up as soon as you finish cleaning them. It makes for a systematic process as cleaned items are packed immediately, reducing the possibility of them getting dirty again or cluttering the space.

Get Rid of Unwanted Stuff

You have sorted out your items – now you need to get rid of the unwanted pile. For materials in good condition, consider donating or selling them off. Put things that cannot be salvaged into recycling bins or garbage bags.

Deep Cleaning the Floors

Floors are notorious for accumulating dust and grime over time. Deep clean your floors after clearing out your stuff from each room. For carpets, it might be helpful to hire a professional carpet cleaner for a deep cleanse that will also maintain the fabric quality.

Cleaning Walls and Windows

Scrubbing down walls and windows also constitutes an important part of moving out cleaning. Even if they do not seem soiled, running a damp cloth over wall surfaces and window sills might surprise you. For windows, it is beneficial to wipe both inside and outside for a sparkling finish.

Handling Electronic Appliances

Electronic appliances can be tricky to clean without causing damage. Unplug each device before starting your cleaning process. Read manufacturer cleaning instructions carefully to ensure that nothing goes wrong in the course of cleaning.

Hiring Professional Services

If cleaning seems overpowering despite your best efforts, you might want to hire professional cleaning services. They can ensure a stress-free and thorough deep clean session, giving you ample time to concentrate on other aspects of moving.

Maintaining Personal Care

While you are immersed in packing and cleaning, do not forego personal care. Dehydration or overexertion can leave you without enough energy to handle the remaining tasks. Schedule regular breaks between your activities and ensure sufficient hydration and nutrition.

The Final Walkthrough

Once all the cleaning and packing are finished, conduct a final walkthrough of your home. Check every corner for any leftover items or spots demanding extra attention. Besides, this last run could uncover areas you might have previously overlooked during your cleaning sessions.

Parting Words

You see, managing an ultimate clean up session before relocating does not need to be overwhelming. It is a matter of planning smartly and diligently following through with your plans. Taking one small step at a time can make the process seem less strenuous and more manageable. So, roll up your sleeves, create a step-by-step plan, start in advance and ensure that you cover all corners. Good luck with your relocation!