On-the-Move Funding for Traveling Entrepreneurs


In today’s digital age, global connectivity has paved the way for a new working breed – the traveling entrepreneurs. Figures show that around 4.8 million independent workers describe themselves as digital nomads, constituting an increase of 49% from the previous year. For these travelers, understanding how to fund their businesses while on-the-move becomes imperative. This is where invoice financing companies become an attractive option, providing flexible financing solutions that keep up with their nomadic lifestyle.

The Paradigm Shift in Work Culture

Gone are the days when a physical office was a necessity for entrepreneurs to run their businesses successfully. The advent of technology has made it possible for entrepreneurs to operate their ventures from almost anywhere in the world. It is estimated that by 2035, there will be one billion digital nomads globally, showing the popularity of this modern form of entrepreneurship.

Funding Options Available for Traveling Entrepreneurs

Despite the glamour associated with being a traveling entrepreneur, it can be challenging to secure funding when you are constantly on the move. Venture capitalists and angel investors can be off-putting due to their expectations for long-term commitments and proof of stability. Yet, several other options offer more flexibility and are suitable for on-the-move entrepreneurs.


Crowdfunding platforms are remarkable opportunities for traveling entrepreneurs looking for funding. By outlining your business idea precisely, you can attract small investments from a large number of people across the world. Popular crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo offer such opportunities by connecting your entrepreneurial journey with willing investors.

Personal Savings

Sometimes, the best place to look for funding is within. This approach necessitates saving a substantial amount before you embark on your entrepreneurial journey as a digital nomad. Leveraging personal savings also means you retain full control over your enterprise, undeterred by external pressures or interests.

Remote Work Grants

Many countries support the influx of traveling entrepreneurs by offering remote work grants. These include various incentives like tax deductions and subsidies for housing and workspace costs. It”s crucial to research your travel destination in advance to determine whether such opportunities are available, as they can significantly reduce your overheads.

Pitching Competitions

Various organizations hold pitching competitions offering cash prizes for profitable business ideas. Investing time into perfecting your pitch and entering these competitions could lead to substantial financial gains for your business. The increased possibility of networking at such events is an added advantage.


Bootstrapping involves starting and growing your enterprise using only personal finances and operating revenues. This no-borrowing approach allows traveling entrepreneurs to maintain total control over their businesses, without the pressure of paying back loans or meeting investor expectations.

Online Lending Platforms

With the continued growth of FinTech solutions, digital nomads can now access finance from anywhere in the world through online lenders. Platforms such as Kabbage or OnDeck provide flexible loan options designed explicitly for small businesses, even those on-the-move.

Social Venture Funds

Social venture funds are ideal if your business seeks to make a positive impact on society or the environment. They provide resources and funding for enterprises that are not just profit-oriented but also focused on bringing tangible societal changes.

Government Funding Schemes

Recognizing the impact of entrepreneurship on economic growth, several governments offer funding schemes to stimulate entrepreneurial activity. These may include grants, loans, subsidies or tax breaks. However, eligibility criteria and application processes differ significantly from one country to another.

Family and Friends

Family and friends often provide an accessible network for seeking funding without formalities of traditional lending. The downsides are potential strains on relationships if your business does not perform as hoped.

Credit Unions

Credit unions are non-profit organizations that provide their members with funding opportunities at lower interest rates than traditional banks. If you are a member of a credit union, consider it as an option for your funding needs


Gearing Up for the Journey

Prior to setting out on your journey, it”s crucial to have a clear idea about your financial requirements, potential sources of income, and how to manage your finances from different parts of the world. Budgeting, expense tracking, and being proactive about your finances can ensure the sustainability of your business while you travel.

Embracing the Future

Despite the challenges that come with securing funding as a traveling entrepreneur, the rewards of this lifestyle can outweigh these difficulties. By leveraging these funding options suited for on-the-move entrepreneurs, you can fuel your passion for travel and entrepreneurship simultaneously. Opportunities are abundant; embrace them and do not let the lack of traditional financing hold back the nomadic entrepreneur within you.