How VoIP Helps Your Business Embrace Digital Transformation


Working tin the digital age presents a number of problems in terms of transitioning from current outdated systems. Streamlining communication is usually the main goal of implementing new digital solutions. Today’s business landscape is global for so many businesses offering various services and products. There seems to be a new innovation that changes the way people work in various capacities multiple times per year. Others invent technology as others continually improve tech like AI to help improve overall business operations. Below are ways VoIP helps your business embrace digital transformation rather than seeing resistance against it. 

Speaking With Clients Or Remote Employees

Meeting with clients can be done virtually or via phone as some clients will be more comfortable handling a phone call than a video conference. Remote employees need to stay in contact with staff in various locations. The ability to call a line and receive an immediate answer can be valuable. Even if it is a simple question, efficiency is improved versus trying to type it in an email or instant message which could be deleted. The benefits of VoIP vs analog far outweigh the traditional methods of communication.

Improving Sales Processes 

Improving sales processes is such an important aspect of success in today’s world. The immediacy of a call can matter when it comes to closing a higher volume of sales. Calling a person internationally is far easier with VoIP than relying on other means. Telephone services might not be reliable in all areas especially for those employees working remotely. 

Empowering The Sales Team With Questionnaires

Before jumping on a call with a prospect, a questionnaire can be so important. The questions asking about what services or products they are interested is essential. Identifying pain points through questions can help shape a pitch. The ability to jump on a call without worrying about tying up lines is cruicial. The seamless nature of putting a questionnaire in front of a sales person to reach out within hours is important. Other companies could immediately call without knowing exactly what a client wants. You want a targeted pitch with a quick call to help close a sale or at least send over more sales materials to the prospect. 

Lower Costs To Put This Money Elsewhere

A full phone system is going to cost far more than VoIP technology. Saving money that can be put elsewhere is so important when improving a company. Hiring a virtual assistant for a team to handle administrative tasks is a perfect example of how money saved in the budget can be allocated intelligently. The marketing budget should also be considered as data can help dictate which area is wisest to invest in. 

Scalable Communication 

A growing business is going to want to keep lines of communication open. Scaling a sales team around the world is far easier with VoIP than other solutions. Take the time to assess current communication processes and how they would work with sudden growth at the company. Teamwork is always important for teams that might not be in the same office. Large and small teams can benefit from VoIP in terms of a company’s digital transformation.

Digital transformation will be embraced if the benefits of the transition are outlined for staff. Take the time to ensure these are being embraced until they become habit for the staff.