How Much Pain Do Laser Hair Removal Treatments Cause?


Laser technicians will customise the laser settings for you throughout your treatments to maximise your results.


The pain is almost non-existent in the early treatments because the intensity of the Laser Hair Removal Treatment Harrow is lower; it feels like being pricked with a pin. The pain is usually brief and goes away almost immediately after the laser pulse.


The intensity of the laser will increase as the treatment progresses, as will the discomfort; at its worst, the pain will be comparable to being snapped by a rubber band.


Simplicity Laser has invested in Zimmers, which continuously blow sub-zero air onto the treatment area, numbing it before the pulse and cooling it afterwards.


If pain is a major concern for you, we have numbing cream for sale that contains Lidocaine and helps to significantly reduce sensitivity.


What is the efficacy of the treatments?

Depending on your skin type, Simplicity Laser employs Candela Gentlemax Pro and Candela ND: Yag lasers. These lasers are among the best on the market, and they treat all skin types and tones with great success. They are FDA approved and have the ability to permanently remove unwanted hair.


With these lasers, clients can expect a 10-30% permanent reduction in hair growth per treatment. Unfortunately, despite their sophistication, these lasers are ineffective at treating clients with lighter facial hair. Clients with blonde, red, or grey facial hair may see some reduction in hair growth, but it is unlikely that they will see more than a 30% reduction in overall hair growth.


Are the outcomes permanent?

Yes, Simplicity Laser’s lasers permanently remove unwanted facial hair by destroying the hair follicle and root, preventing regrowth.


What should I be doing to get ready for my treatments?

The best ways to prepare for your treatments are to avoid sun exposure for 7 days before your treatment, which means wearing sunscreen and avoiding the sun as much as possible; to avoid any physical activity that raises body temperature for at least 2 hours before your appointments, and to contact your doctor if you are taking any prescription drugs to see if they can increase photosensitivity. Check out our pre- and post-care instructions for a comprehensive list of everything you can do to prepare for your treatments.


Is it necessary to shave my facial hair, and if so, will it grow thicker and darker?


Unfortunately, you must shave your facial hair in order to undergo Full Body Laser Hair Removal Treatment. This is because we need the hair follicle and root to be intact for the laser to destroy it, which is why waxing, tweezing, and epilating are not permitted. We also want to reduce the amount of hair above the skin’s surface because having hair above the skin greatly increases the risk of an adverse reaction, so shaving is the only option that meets all of these criteria for removing facial hair.


Shaving causes facial hair to grow thicker and darker, which is a myth. 

People believe that hair is thickening because shaving cuts the hair in the middle, so when the rest of the hair pushes out, it is the thicker, darker part of the hair follicle that already existed beneath the surface of your skin.


How long will the meeting last?

Appointments for facial hair removal last 5-10 minutes, depending on the areas being treated.


What happens after the procedure?

Most people will experience mild redness and swelling after the treatment, similar to a sunburn. This usually goes away within a few hours of treatment, but it can last up to 72 hours; topical creams like Simplicity Laser’s restorative gel, aloe, calamine, or hydrocortisone may be used to help reduce the inflammation.


You may notice the facial hair begin to fall out, or shed, after a few days; if you shave regularly, you may not notice the actual shedding of the hair. 

Exfoliating the area 12 hours or more after your appointment can help accelerate shedding and prevent ingrown hairs.


What can I do to improve the efficacy of the treatments?

The best way to maximise the results of your treatments is to follow the pre- and post-care instructions, as well as any special instructions from your laser technician.


Maintain an open line of communication with your laser technician about any changes in how your body is reacting to the treatments and your facial hair growth, as this information will help them make the best decisions on how to adjust your settings and treatment intervals to ensure that all of your treatments are as effective as possible.


What are the treatments’ potential side effects?

Although side effects are uncommon in laser hair removal treatments, they can cause permanent skin discolouration if not treated properly. 

If you have any side effects, such as hypo- or hyperpigmentation, prolonged redness or swelling, a histamine reaction, or blistering, call or come in for treatment instructions.


The most common cause of these side effects is sun exposure which was not disclosed prior to their appointments. Being completely honest with your laser technician reduces your chances of having an adverse reaction to the Laser Hair Removal Treatment Harrow.


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This index describes many of the most frequently asked questions when people come in for facial hair removal appointments. If you have any questions that were not addressed in this list, please contact us at [+44 7584 166724] or visit one of our clinics, and we will be happy to answer them about laser facial hair removal or Laser Hair Removal Treatment In Middlesexin general.