Shlomo Rechnitz Tells About Ways to Give Charity Without Disturbing Your Budget


Donating to charities doesn’t require the use of a large amount of income. If you’re looking to improve the world as a world, you’ll be able to give without writing a huge check, said Shlomo Rechnitz.

There are thirteen ways to donate to charities on a tight budget.

1. Give your time

Many charities survive on the work of volunteers. Volunteering is a great option to give back to your community and could be just as beneficial as cash contributions.

“Donate your time,” says Karen Hoxmeier, founder of “Homeless shelters, soup kitchens, senior centers, hospice facilities, big brother/big sister programs, and animal rescues all need people to help out by being physically present and volunteering their time.”

2. Donate your skills

If you are a professional with a particular talent, such as cooking, writing or taking photos, you might consider offering your services for free or for free. Many nonprofits, charities, and advocacy groups have specific requirements but don’t have the funds to hire dedicated staff.

3. Donate blood

Giving blood donations to groups such as that of the Red Cross is free, takes only a few minutes and may even get you a treat. Additionally the donation can save someone’s life. Around 10,000 plasma units are required every day throughout the US.

4. Donate your stuff

Many nonprofits and charities accept donations of furniture, clothes, shoes and vehicles. If you’ve got some things to throw away think about donating it to charity instead of throwing it away, Shlomo Rechnitz.

5. Plan the event

If you’re a person with energy and time but don’t have the funds you can consider organising an effort to collect donations to an organisation. “Organize a food drive at your work, at your child’s school, or in your neighborhood,” Hoxmeier says. Hoxmeier. “It just takes one person to get the ball rolling and head up [a] food collection/drop-off.”

6. Raise funds

You can raise money for charity in various ways. This includes holding a collection at your local library and sharing your top causes through Facebook, and even participating in a walk sponsored by a charity. If you’re surrounded by a group of people who care and a bit of determination, you can make the funds to make a substantial donation.

7. Find the best places to shop

In this day and time of social responsibility for business, a lot of companies give a percentage of their earnings to charities. For example, AmazonSmile will donate 0.5 percent of the eligible purchase to a charity that you select as well as Whole Foods gives you the possibility of donating your five-cent credit for reusable bags to a local charity. Visit the shops which you regularly shop with to determine if they provide ways to contribute to a charity as part of the purchase.

Employer gift that is matched

Certain employers provide matching gifts. That is, they’ll match a portion (or all) of your contributions. Find out whether your employer has this benefit and could even make your donation double, Shlomo Rechnitz. If your company does not currently provide this benefit, talk with your HR department regarding ways to convince the company to establish an incentive program for matching gifts.

  1. Donate your tax refund

If you are awaiting an income tax credit, the amount could seem like a sluggish sum of money. If you are able to receive your tax refund next year, you should consider giving a portion or all of the money. A portion of your donation may even be tax-deductible the following year!

10. Make sure you ask for donations to gift cards.

If your loved ones frequently request gifts for their birthdays or holidays You can request for donations to a charity of their choice instead. Many charities offer the ability to create campaigns to collect donations on birthdays for their charity.

11. Become an organ donor

About 21 people in the US each day die and require organ donation. Organs won’t be needed when you’re gone and becoming a donor is completely free. You just need to sign up with the National Donate Life Registry and declare your donation status on your state license or ID.

12. Make sure you use your credit card rewards

Credit cards that reward you with rewards will typically let you donate your money back or points or miles directly to charities. If that’s not your option, then you might be able to exchange your rewards in cash back, and then donate the funds after they’ve landed within your accounts.

“Most of the credit card firms permit you to access this feature on their websites. Log into your account, navigate to the section for managing your rewards, and then look for a charity’s link,” says Hoxmeier.

  1. Consider a credit card that is geared towards charities.

Certain credit cards are designed to be used for charitable giving. Look through our list of credit cards to choose one that will work for you.

Shlomo Rechnitz further added that contributing to the community you live in is essential however, so is adhering with your spending plan. The good news is that the two do not need to be in a mutually different. Begin by experimenting with these 13 frugal ways to donate to charities. Visit the Personal Finance Learning Center for more information on how to manage your personal financial situation.