Signs You Are In A Broken Marriage And How To React


Marriage is going to require more work than a number of couples realize. Staying with another person for the duration of your life will mean both parties will change over the course of time. There are couples that grow apart and might not realize this until their children leave home. A couple might realize that they have very little in common besides the children they share. Broken marriages can be repaired but this is not the case in all situations. The following are signs that you are in a broken marriage and what you can do. 

Divorce Is The Only Option For Some Couples 

Resentment is something that can build up over the course of time. A lack of communication can leads to resentment as problems are never remedied. The ability to communicate in a healthy and constructive manner is not something all couples can do. 


Marriage counseling can help address quite a few problems but does not work for everyone. Both parties have to be completely honest which can be difficult in a strained marriage. Finding a marriage counselor in your area is very important if trying to save your marriage. The refusal to attend counseling means one or both parties have given up on the marriage. A lack of work being done on a relationship is a recipe for disaster as people that do not fight are not always happy. You could have a case for alienation of affection depending on where you are located. 

A Lack Of Interest

A lack of interest in your significant other can be a huge warning sign your marriage could be spiraling. You should spend time talking about your day regardless of how mundane it might be. Enjoying conversations with your spouse is something that can bring a couple closer together. 


Infidelity can break a marriage almost immediately depending on the couple. The world of dating apps makes it easy to arrange dates quite secretly. Infidelity is a breach of trust that some couples cannot recover from. If you suspect your spouse is cheating, you should hire professional help. There are a number of different avenues that can be taken including taking a look at the email or texts of your spouse. Dating apps are a huge red flag as nobody simply plays around on these when they are married. 


A sexless marriage can be a sign that things are not going well. If there is no romantic interest, this can lead one partner to go outside of the marriage to find affection. There are counselors for this as well which is something that you might want to consider. 


Marriage is tough which is highlighted by the large number of divorces that occur annually. No couple enters into a marriage that they believe will result in divorce. You need to work on your relationship consistently as it is the most important one you have. Take the time to evaluate your marriage to see if there are issues you can start resolving.