Getting Your First Job Out Of College: Dealing With A New Type Of Pressure


Landing a job that starts after you graduate can be an exciting and stressful time. The transition into the regular working world can be very difficult. You might have had a number of jobs that were part-time but these differ immensely from full-time roles. A full-time job is an endurance event as you could be working with a company for years. You want to be able to manage the increasing pressure as you climb the corporate ladder. Failure to address issues with pressure can lead to you crumbling or experiencing burnout. The following will be some tips to deal with the pressure of your first job right out of college. 

Stick To Your Exercise Routine

Gaining weight as a freshman in college is named a number of various things. The sedentary jobs of the world also see some employees gain weight in a rapid amount of time. Heading to the gym might be the last thing you want to do after a long day of work but it is important. Relieving stress through exercise is a tactic that a number of people utilize. There are some office buildings that have gyms so you can exercise immediately before or after work. 

Use Various Options To Reduce Stress/Anxiety

Reducing your anxiety and stress is very important with increased levels of stress. The pressure that you feel from work can help you perform better if it does not get out of control. Remembering that there are other jobs is very important but it is important to get relevant experience now. 


Full spectrum CBD tincture is something that you should definitely investigate. CBD does not have psychoactive properties or in other words, CBD will not get you high in the slightest. Dealing with pressure might require you to take some CBD to help manage your anxiety levels. 

Stop The College Party Lifestyle 

The college party lifestyle is sustainable for some people during the duration of their 20s. Working with a hangover is not something you think others notice but they truly do. If you tend to party on Thursday nights, then most likely there are a few employees that notice you are consistently hungover. Those that are thriving in their current positions might be able to do this but those struggling could lose their job on account of partying too much. This does not mean that you cannot have fun but make sure you are out at late hours consistently when you have work the next morning. 

Understand That Not All Managers Have Realistic Expectations

Not all managers are created equal as some are great leaders while others blame others for their department’s failure. A nightmare manager might mean that it is time to look for other job roles. You might even be able to land a remote work role which can allow you to work from anywhere in the country. 

Pressure comes with all types of jobs in so many different forms. The adjustment to a full-time job might take time so do not get discouraged.