How To Set Your Home Up To Thrive In A Remote Work Role


The opportunity to work remotely came as a surprise to a number of people during the pandemic. The transition to remote work happened seamlessly when compared to corporate expectations. Companies feared employee productivity would drop but it actually increased in a number of roles. Thriving in a remote role is about motivating yourself as there will not be a manager hovering over your every move. Distractions change in a remote role when compared to going into a traditional office environment. The following are tips to help you thrive in a remote work role. 

A Home Office Is A Necessity

A person that is working remotely might be fine working in a common area if they live alone. The only drawback is that you might have a tough time unplugging each time you hear your computer ping after work hours. Use the office that you have just for work so the rest of your home can be used for your personal time. Turning off notifications on your smartphone


Your desk should be spacious enough for you to work in the most efficient manner possible. A board where you write your daily agenda can be a great reference to keep you on track. Reducing distractions is going to be the most important part of establishing a home office. Setting working hours that significant others or children respect is also important. There are so many instances of kids interrupting meetings but this is usually met with a few chuckles. 

Ensure Your Space Is Comfortable To Work In

The home office that you have might be in a secluded part of the home or even the garage. Heating repairs or installation might be required if utilizing the basement or garage as your home office. These areas are commonly used for storage but can be great to use due to the distractions these spaces eliminate. The sound insulation in a basement makes it a great candidate for a remote worker. Huge corporations like Amazon were started in basements and garages as it can be difficult to find space to work in other areas of the home. If you are working from home in the garage, make sure you have a video call backdrop to keep things professional.

A chair that has great back and neck support will also be an item that will make your workday more comfortable. The last thing you want when working remotely is to develop issues with your back or neck. This is very common for professionals that work in sedentary jobs. Standing desks can also be a great way to keep your posture quite healthy. Physioball chairs are also quite popular as they help the person sitting on them engage their core for long periods of time.


Working remotely could literally be a dream come true for you and you have finally gotten the opportunity. You do not want to lose your remote role due to not performing up to par when compared to the rest of your peers. Asking other coworkers how they are handling remote work can allow you to learn some tips that can help you.