Tips for Designing the Perfect Teen Bedroom


Preparing your teen’s bedroom isn’t like setting up the nursery. Of course, you could follow your own creative vision, create a blank canvas of their childhood bedroom, and turn it into your latest work of art. For teenagers, though, there’s a better way. For the best results, you want to involve your teen in the process more directly. Still, you can guide their foray into interior design by keeping a few helpful tips in mind. In this way, you can ensure your teen gets a room they’re happy with, which is sure to make you happy, too!

Emphasize personal touches. 

Tips for Designing the Perfect Teen Bedroom

Through the teenage years, your child is discovering who they are. Of course, they aren’t a full-fledged adult yet. Still, they’re uncovering more and more of their soon-to-be adult personality. One great way to encourage this is by adding a personal touch, like printing canvases of a favorite photo. Custom canvas prints in Canada and beyond offer an aesthetically pleasing way to capture favorite memories in the form of custom wall art. A canvas print provides the chance for your teen to reminisce on childhood even while encouraging them to explore their future self. 

Bridge the gap between being a kid and becoming a grown-up. 

Tips for Designing the Perfect Teen Bedroom

For a teen, a new-and-improved bedroom can’t be childish. At the same time, though, they won’t have the same expectations from their room and its design. The right details are crucial to striking a balance between kid-friendly and entering adulthood. This will vary, depending on the teen at hand. Some might dream of adult-ready carpets like the luxurious flooring you’ll find at The plush material of a plum carpet is a more extravagant detail than a custom canvas print, but it will pay off for years to come. 

Look toward the future. 

Tips for Designing the Perfect Teen Bedroom

Whether it’s an area rug or wall art, take a moment to think of your teen’s future as you plan their bedroom redesign. For instance, what can be taken with them when they move into a college dorm or a home of their own? Of course, they won’t want to take their entire bedroom with them into adulthood. However, some items are perfect for moving into this next stage of life, especially when free is such a reasonable price compared to buying all new items when the time comes. Just remember—even if you pick out something together that’s meant to last into adulthood, they have the right to change their minds later on. 

Make a private space. 

Tips for Designing the Perfect Teen Bedroom

Your little one may have found solace in a small tent or even homemade forts as a child. Now that they’re a teenager, that need for privacy becomes all the more critical. This space will often be their bedroom, so it makes sense that you’d want the room’s design to reflect this importance. It may be as simple as ensuring their door can be shut or locked when they need space. Of course, you’ll hope your teen will share their struggles and not have to hide much at all. Still, the option to have a safe space of their own can make a world of difference whether they use it or not. 

The first significant redesign of a child’s bedroom as they become a teen may be one of the most critical interior projects of their lifetime Wreaths and Home Decor. Whether you hire a team of designers or work with your loved ones alone, details like canvas prints or new flooring can create a space that will grow with your teen, help them feel secure at home, and even prepare them for creating a more adult room in the future.