Top 5 Greatest Innovations in the Restaurant World in the Last 20 Years


Innovation can be a life-changing thing, and it has always been the mainstay of the restaurant industry. Besides, the idea of a restaurant has remained one of the most innovative developments in commerce history. But as much as innovations don’t necessarily involve technology, the two have been weaved together in this digital era.

The technological revolution has completely changed what was once known as a food service requirement to a restaurant business. The following are the top five greatest innovations in the restaurant world in the last twenty years.

The Drive-Thru

This is a type of restaurant where people can order and pick up their food without leaving their vehicles. Drive-throughs are usually situated within buildings that have streets wrapped around them. You will have to approach the window or use a microphone to place an order; then, you will drive around the other side of the building, pay for your order and take it.

During the coronavirus, many restaurants have realized that having a drive-through is essential for survival. This offered them an opportunity to serve food and show their customers that they are still open for business.

Kitchen Display Systems (KDS)

These systems have gained popularity in the restaurant industry for their significant contribution to keeping efficiency and consistency. The KDS does a lot more than just calming your guests; it changes the performance of your restaurant.

A kitchen display system is a digital order illustration that helps you get rid of all your paper tickets and the kitchen printers. The video helps regulate how food is moved and how the recipes are made while at the same time observing the kitchen data.

Food Ordering Apps

Most restaurants have been hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic, and as the government mandated closure, many of them stopped operating dine-ins. However, one section of the restaurant industry that has gained popularity in the general harshness is the quick-service eateries, made for take-outs, drive-throughs, and delivery-based operations.

So, to alleviate the result and place themselves for a strong comeback once the economy resumes, restaurants are optimizing their menus, suspending operations in hard-hit regions, and, more importantly, improving or adding a mobile ordering app.

Digital Signage

Technology is constantly changing, and to keep up with it, restaurants have to think of ways to keep their customers coming back for more. Digital signage gained popularity after digital screens became more affordable. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most people prefer not to take physical menus but rather analyze them from screens. Besides, you can use digital signage to display the special meal of the day.

Bluetooth Temperatures Sensor

Restaurants have always had some pressing issues. However, the most common problem they face is making sure that they prevent any food loss. This problem usually revolves around time and temperature; therefore, it is crucial for restaurants to use continuous temperature monitoring to keep their food safe and fresh.

A Bluetooth temperature sensor can be customized to alert the workers in case of any temperature rise or drop. It can also record the temperatures, thus preventing workers from lying about it in their daily reports.

The restaurant industry has seen many innovations that helped the industry deal with the covid-19 lockdowns and social distancing rules. However, innovations will increase as people continue thinking of other ways to operate during the pandemic.