How to Extend the Life of Your Imaging Equipment












Good maintenance practices and medical chillers will keep your equipment operating like new for longer.

MRIs, CT scanners, and ultrasound machines are vital pieces of medical equipment. When they malfunction or break down, it can throw your medical practice into disarray and send your staff scrambling to reschedule patient appointments. Then there’s the matter of waiting for a qualified technician to repair the machine or determine if it needs to be replaced. 

The good news is you can minimize these expensive and time-consuming inconveniences and extend the life of your imaging equipment with a few simple practices and the strategic use of medical chillers

Take a preventive maintenance approach that includes regular checks

The first step towards improving the longevity of your imaging equipment is ensuring that it is properly serviced and maintained on a consistent basis. While the recommended maintenance varies according to the specific make and model of each machine, in general, it’s good practice to have a qualified technician perform monthly checks. 

They will ensure the internal components of the equipment are clean, functioning properly, and free of leaks. 

Your staff can also perform daily cleaning of the fans, filters, and exterior parts of the equipment. This not only keeps your imaging equipment looking great and running efficiently, but it also goes a long way to keeping the machinery in excellent shape for longer. 

This kind of preventive maintenance allows you to catch minor problems early before they have the chance to snowball into bigger ones.  

Ensure the equipment is being used as intended

Another important factor in extending the life of your imaging equipment is making sure it is being operated according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This is where properly trained staff members are worth their weight in gold. 

Usually, your medical equipment provider will offer an initial training session to bring everyone up to speed on using and maintaining the equipment. However, over time, it’s easy to stray from best practices and start cutting corners or skipping steps. 

Knowledge can also get lost through normal staff turnover. Refresher training sessions will ensure everyone is up to date on how to keep your imaging equipment running well.

Keep your imaging equipment cool with a medical chiller

Imaging equipment uses a lot of power in order to create those finely detailed images that are essential to the diagnostic process. This means the equipment can get hot and stay hot as it’s being used. The heat puts stress on the components if it’s not properly managed. 

You can protect your equipment against the wear and tear posed by excess heat by ensuring it has an optimal operating environment. Medical chillers are the most effective and reliable way to cool your imaging equipment and keep it running efficiently for the long term. 

Each piece of equipment, from MRI machines to CT scanners to X-ray machines, will have its own recommended operating temperature, which is why it’s important to find medical chillers that can be adapted to the specific needs of your medical practice. 

Chiller manufacturers a range of medical chiller devices that feature modular, customizable designs that can be adapted to the needs of your medical imaging equipment. Whether you’re looking for direct or indirect cooling systems, there are several options for you to choose from that are already being used by thousands of medical practices around the globe.