Common Signs of Septic Tank Problems













Are you wondering whether or not your Illinois home requires septic repair? There are a number of different issues that could mean that you need to get your septic tank repaired. We are going to explore these in more depth below so that you can get a better understanding of when you should take action.

  1. Water backups
  2. Foul odor
  3. Poor drainage
  4. Strange Noises
  5. Standing Water

If you have noticed any of the symptoms that have been mentioned above, this is a clear indication that you need to get in touch with a septic tank repair company sooner rather than later. There are a number of different reasons why you could notice these signs. 



The first reason why there could be a problem with your septic tank is because damage has been caused as a consequence of plant or tree roots. If the septic tanks are situated too close to the shrubs and trees, the roots can end up growing through the wall of the tank, the pipes, or the soak away that leads from the house to the tank. 

The roots that cause the damage enable the liquid from the tank to escape and then water from the ground can end up getting in. Both of these situations can stop the tank from working in the correct manner. 


Ground Movement

Another issue that can cause these sorts of problems is ground movement. Just a little bit of movement in the ground around your septic tank can end up putting an awful lot of pressure on the tank, which could possibly cause cracks and fractures within the wall. 

This can end up causing two different options. The septic tank may end up backing up and it could need to be emptied a lot more regularly than usual. Should the groundwater enter the septic tank via the cracks, the tank is not going to be able to separate the solid waste and the liquid in an effective manner. 


Other Issues

In addition to the different situations and issues that we have mentioned so far, a few of the other problems that can cause the symptoms we mentioned above include damage to the dip pipes, a collapsed baffle, and a lack of maintenance as well. 

In regards to the latter, it is critical that your septic tank is emptied and pumped on a frequent basis. How often? Well, it depends on the size and use of the septic tank. There are some tanks that must be emptied once every year, for example. However, a lot of the septic tanks in homes today are only going to need to be emptied every four to five years.

To conclude, these are five of the clear signs that you need to get in touch with a septic tank repair company sooner rather than later. The last thing you want is for the issue to get worse because you have not acted quickly enough. Should you need any assistance, get in touch with a professional septic tank repair company sooner rather than later.