Who is Billie Eilish?


For you to seriously be asking that question I have to believe you have spent the last 2 years on a remote desert island or in a cave, but if you really do not know I am here to feel you in on all things Billie Eilish. Let’s just start from the beginning because I hear that that is a very good place to start. 

Billie Eilish Starting at the Beginning 

Billie Eilish was born in Los Angels in 2001. She has an older brother who is also a musician and both of her parents are well known in the music industry. She grew up in LA and has been around the music industry since day one. It was no shock to anyone when she decided that she want to have a music career.

She first started singing in a choir at age 8 and continued for 3 years. At that point, she had already started to write and compose her own songs. Her brother had his own band and wrote her original hit single “ Ocean Eyes”. When he wrote it he asked her to record it for him. Originally they were just going to use the song for her dance recital, but her brother thought that it was great and decided to upload it onto his “Soundcloud”.

Billie Eilish Hits it Big

Once Billie’s brother uploaded her song the song had over 10,000,000 recorded plays in no time. At this point, she and her brother decided to make a video of her singing the song and dancing around which also went viral quickly. That lead to several record labels trying to buy the rights to the song. 

“Ocean Eyes” ended up being released as Billie Eilish’s first single and it was a hit. That was followed by her recording several other singles until her EP was dropped in 2018. After that, she went on her first worldwide tour and everyone instantly fell in love with her sound and genuine personality. 

Big Plans For Billie Eilish

Billie is now featured in a documentary that is exclusively streaming on AppleTv called “Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry” It follows her through writing and recording her EP and the tour. She is also about to release her first autobiography that is titled “Billie Eilish By – Billie Eilish”.It will feature 100’s of pictures that have never before been seen. Her newest album “ Happier than Ever” is also currently available for pre-order at BillieEilish.com.

Billie Eilish is ow Blonde

Billie Eilish just recently changed her trademark dark hair with neon green roots to a gorgeous platinum blonde. When she posted a picture on her Instagram she literally almost broke the internet. Her fans and haters alike both lost their minds when they saw that she had decided to try a new look and in true Billie Eilish Style, she did not care what anybody had to say about it. She is always 100% genuine and does what she wants to. That is what so many people have fallen in love with her in such a short amount of time. 

When you go to BillieEilish.com you will be able to see Billie’s Logo. “What does the Billie Eilish logo look like?” you ask. Well go over to her website and see. Once you are there you can go ahead and pre-order the new album and the autobiography. Then you can browse all the new merch and pre-order your favorite items before they sell out. If you love all things Billie Eilish make sure to check out her documentary while it is streaming on Apple TV.