How Locksmiths Are Working Differently During the COVID 19 Outbreak


Even during this pandemic outbreak, businesses have not yet shut down and are working constantly around the clock. Among many services, one that is more commonly required by citizens every now & then is none other but locksmith. People often forget their keys on the table tops and lock themselves outside their premises. Or they simply lose their car key fob or key remote in the middle of the parking lot while grabbing up a warm cup of coffee. So when they find themselves in such a situation, they want an expert to arrive at their location and provide them with a satisfactory service. Despite COVID 19, people run into emergencies and when they want assistance, they want to make sure they remain safe. 

Asking a number of citizens in the United States, we learned how locksmiths are handling tasks differently. Here are some ways how certain locksmiths are providing assistance during the COVID 19. 

Some special efforts which most of the locksmiths are taking in order to deliver a no-contact business to customers include: 

  • Wearing of surgical masks and surgical gloves while performing a locksmith job. 
  • Equipped with hand gels, masks, alcohol spray and disposable shoes during locksmithing. 
  • Keeping hands clean while arriving at customer’s locations such as their homes or businesses. 
  • Wearing proper shoe covers before entering any premises. 
  • Performing a thorough cleaning process of the work area with sanitizers and synthetic material. 
  • Cleaning door locks & handles before proceeding any further with the locksmith job. 
  • Cleaning hands after completing the locksmithing job. 

What Type of Services are Locksmiths Offering During the COVID Outbreak? 

While it is impossible for locksmiths nowadays to cater every type of service, there are a few common services which many locksmiths are offering even during the outbreak. 

For instance, locksmiths are available to respond to citizens during their emergency lockout situations.

They are further available for, 

  • 24 Hour Locksmith Service
  • Replacing Lost Keys or Spare Keys 
  • Perform Key Cutting & Key Copying 
  • Spare Key Replacement 
  • Door Lock Repairing Services 
  • Auto Locksmithing 
  • Installing Burglar Alarms & CCTV Cameras 
  • Lost Car Key Replacement 
  • Lockout Services 

What Type of Services Are Limited During the Outbreak? 

While there are plenty of services which I have listed above which many locksmiths are offering, other services which they are unable to offer during the COVID outbreak are the ones where they have to perform close encounters with individuals. For instance, 

  • If you’re in need of visiting a locksmith retail shop nearby, then shops are more likely closed. 
  • Locksmiths can offer a limited domestic service especially when the customers are in isolation. 

Locked Out? Can a Locksmith Help? 

If you happen to be in Rochester and you’re in need of a professional locksmith in Rochester NY to help you unlock your door then why not. There are several locksmith services which are taking all the necessary safety precautions & performing their respective tasks. In fact, there are SOPs of no to minimal contact which they are entertaining while on job. 

Not sure if the locksmith you’re hiring are following the standard SOPs for COVID? Call them and ask what precautionary measures they are taking & how you can assist them.