Notable DJ’s and EDM Producers to Get to Know


Looking to expand your EDM collection? Read on to learn about the well-known DJ Marshmello. 

EDM (or electronic dance music) is a hugely popular genre and one that most of us have danced to at clubs or festivals. One of the most popular artists on the EDM scene right now is Marshmello. 

Marshmello, behind the mask 

You may be asking, “Who is Marshmello”? 

Even if you are not familiar with Marshmello, you have definitely seen a photo of him before. Marshmello is known for the big helmet that he wears during performances, which looks like a big white marshmallow with Xs for eyes.

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This mask is pretty iconic, and even if you are not familiar with the EDM artist, chances are you have seen the mask somewhere – maybe even as a Halloween costume!

The man behind Marshmello is Chris Comstock, which was revealed in 2017. Before that, the artist preferred to remain anonymous, stating previously when asked that he does not need fame, and is trying to do something positive with his music. 

Chris Comstock also performs under the name Dotcom and does not cover his face during Dotcom performances. 

So, Chris Comstock, Dotcom, and Marshmello are all the same person – and even though it seems that everyone knows Marshmello’s true identity, Comstock still does not admit to being Marshmello.

Marshmello is reportedly in a relationship with social media influencer Kelsey Calemine. 

Why the need for anonymity?

Marshmello has mentioned previously that he wants to remain anonymous because he is looking to create a positive message with his music and does not need fame to do that. This is something that many people can no doubt relate to. 

The desire to create art that people can connect with is a common one, but not everyone wants to be famous. 

Pen Names and Performance Personas

Many people use pen names for writing or may have a performance or stage name that is not affiliated with their common name. 

An example of a classic use of a “pen name” is the typical old “Ask Abby” advice columns that used to be in every newspaper. 

Pen names are great for those who are in the public eye because they get to create their art, or give advice, or write their novel all while retaining the benefits of having a regular life – no one stopping them for an autograph, and no paparazzi documenting their every move.

Usually, even when an artist is not worried about being anonymous, they will choose a stage name that deviates from their common name. This helps artists to create a new persona that may be catchier, easier for fans to remember or easier to market than their given name.

Why listen to Marshmello?

Chances are that if you have been to a club, a festival or even turned on a top-40 radio station any time in the past 5 years, you have heard at least one song by Marshmello. This DJ has had many collaborations with other well-known artists and produces super-catchy dance songs that everyone can enjoy. 

Some famous pieces by Marshmello:

  • “Happier” – featuring Bastille
  • “Wolves” – featuring Selena Gomez 
  • “Danger” – featuring Migos 
  • “Light it Up” – featuring Tyga and Chris Brown 
  • “Project Dreams” – featuring Roddy Rich 

With all of these hits and many more, Marshmello is definitely an icon in the EDM community. His semi-anonymous persona coupled with his recognizable mask adds to the allure of his music. Seeing a DJ perform in a mask and not knowing their exact identity adds an air of mystery to the catchy dance music.