What You Need to Look For in a Digital Marketing Agency to Ensure Success


For a large number of companies, it is wise to outsource their marketing efforts. Staffing an entire marketing department simply is not in the budget for companies of all sizes. Finding a trusted partner to outsource this work can be difficult as not all marketing agencies are created equal. Digital marketing encompasses so much that it is far more efficient to outsource to an agency with processes and employees in place. The added benefit of the agency possessing established connections to leverage makes this an intelligent move. The following are what you need to look for before signing a contract with a digital marketing agency. 

Multiple Rebrands Over Time 

There are companies that simply wanted to rebrand due to their name no longer fitting what they primarily provide. Take the time to research the company as they could’ve rebranded due to being caught for practicing less than ethical SEO methods. If you cannot find what a company rebranded from, take the time to search for their management team. You could find that they wiped all of the evidence from their LinkedIn pages but there are likely going to be pages indexed that have their position. Before investing thousands over the course of time, you need to know who you are working with. The very worst companies are those that demand upfront payment then simply do little or no work. Far too frequently, these companies are scammers and will likely threaten to harm the website when asked for a refund.

Pricing Structure 

Pricing can differ depending on the services you are going to be using. Ask about fixed pricing before divulging any information about your monthly budget. Opt to claim that you are trying to get a ballpark estimate to compare to another agency. This will help drive the pricing down if they are not forthcoming with their fixed pricing structure. Performance-based pricing can be quite valuable but can also be expensive if a piece goes viral in a content marketing campaign. 

Examples of Previous Results Generated for a Similar Client 

You need to make sure that the agency has worked with your type of business before. They might have just worked in tech which can be troublesome when marketing for a law firm. Most agencies have a plethora of case studies of campaigns where they really delivered. Make sure these studies are current as old tactics do not work anymore and some agencies are stuck in the past. Agencies that set realistic expectations are important as others might promise to make your campaign viral which is impossible to guarantee. A company that has done quite a bit of digital marketing for law firms will have testimonials and examples of how they helped the firm. 

Ability to Take on Far More Work During Growth 

A digital marketing company should be able to take on a company’s workload as it grows. Failure to do that can impact long-term success as contracting the work out does not always garner similar results. A small ecommerce company might have dreams of erupting in popularity which will require entering into a relationship with an agency that has scalable processes. 

Digital marketing agencies can turn a business around or can drain cash flow depending on the type of agency you pick. Take the time to get a few quotes and do not get bullied into a long-term campaign before a smaller test campaign.