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How Does Eminent Domain Work in North Carolina

Under eminent domain in North Carolina, state and federal governments can claim your private property for public or government use and must fairly compensate you. The US Constitution outlines eminent domain and its protections under the Fifth Amendment.  Know Your Rights Do you want to take steps to fight eminent domain in North Carolina? Perhaps […] … learn more→

7 Things to Avoid During a Divorce

A divorce can be an incredibly emotional and difficult process. It takes a toll on all parties involved, not just the two spouses. To make sure that the divorce is conducted with respect for both sides and involves minimal conflict, there are certain things that should be avoided during the course of it. 1. Do […] … learn more→

Everything You Need to Know About Visitation Rights

Visitation rights are a part of divorce, legal separation, and other family law proceedings that cover parenting plans. A visitation schedule is an agreement between two parties that outlines when each parent may visit with the children. This visitation arrangement can be formal or informal and must be legally enforced in some cases to be […] … learn more→

What are the types of entrepreneurs that exist?

I have advised many entrepreneurs and I have noticed that there are different approaches to the types of entrepreneurs, in this article I will try to group what are the types of entrepreneurs that exist? Based a bit on my professional experience. 1. Experience-based entrepreneurs Experienced entrepreneurs have different attitudes and are difficult to classify, some are dynamic, […] … learn more→

What Industries Should Implement NIST?

NIST is a valuable resource for helping business owners to protect their vital data by moving it out of the attack surface. Only 8% of all reported security incidents involve stolen hardware. A whopping 12% of cases result from unauthorized physical access, which NIST can help businesses avoid with its guidelines. Plus, with customer privacy […] … learn more→

Cybersecurity Shortage: How to Make it Through

Cybersecurity is a crucial tool for all businesses, but there is a huge shortage of trained professionals to manage data security. Many businesses are at risk of online attacks because they struggle to hire qualified cybersecurity experts to help protect their business. Although this is a huge issue, there are ways to deal with the […] … learn more→

Pennsylvania Considers Banning Ransomware Payoffs

Of all the kinds of online threat that a company can receive, one of the most concerning and pernicious is that of ransomware. Many businesses have struggled with ransomware demands in the past, and it is something that is reaching a particular zenith right now.    For many people and businesses, there often seems to […] … learn more→