How To Manage The Stress Of Work And College Life


College life is very different for those paying their way through school. The truth is that some work through college to avoid crippling student loan debt. The ability to pay for living expenses and a few classes annually will drop student loan debt by thousands and potentially tens of thousands of dollars. 


College is stressful enough without having to work as well. Exams can come with a large amount of stress as getting good grades can be important if deciding to go to graduate school. You need to manage the stresses of college and work while adjusting to living on your own. The following are tips to help you stay mentally sharp and to avoid being overwhelmed with stress with work as well as college life. 

Daily Physical And Mental Relaxation 

Daily physical and mental relaxation can be essential for your overall health. Hitting the hot tub can be great or even taking a well-deserved nap. Meditation can be very important when it comes to your mental health as you can clear your mind. Practicing meditation has been done for centuries and following guided meditation can be done online. Set time aside each day to relax mentally or physically as it will make you more productive overall. Constantly being on the move is a way that people encounter burnout which you want to avoid. 

Be Realistic About Your Class Load

Stay realistic about your workload academically as some classes seem like a full-time job. You do not want to have all difficult classes so supplement difficult classes in your major with easier electives. Looking online to see the ratings of a class or a professor is vital. You might find that all tests are quite easy or a class has a final paper instead of a final exam. 

Side Hustles Allow You To Set Your Own Hours

Online side hustles can be so important so you can set your own hours. You might be a great copywriter which is always in high demand on platforms like Upwork. Even selling items online can be profitable but you need to find a hustle that helps you leverage the skillset you already have. There are also ways to earn through market research groups and studies conducted by various departments at your college. 

Create An Attainable Daily Agenda

A daily agenda can keep you from scrambling if you have a few free hours. Your work schedule could be set along with your class schedule. The way that you utilize your free time is so important as it should be a mix of relaxing and being productive. Even heading out for the night with friends can help you relax but make sure you are able to be productive the next day. Living the party lifestyle is not sustainable when you have to work and maintain your grades which becomes more difficult hungover. 

Juggling work and college is possible but make sure your mental health is a priority. You’d be surprised as to how much more you get done when you manage your stress to reasonable levels instead of letting it overwhelm you.