Top 5 CBD Products to Help with Pain Relief


CBD is one of the best and most effective natural remedies now widely available to help with pain relief. Whether you suffer from arthritis, post-cancer treatment, migraines, or joint pain, CBD is becoming a common solution to aid various types of pain.

Because CBD can be purchased over the counter in more areas than before, there are now many CBD products available to choose from. Depending on the pain you’re experiencing and the way you’d like to take CBD will determine the best product for you. Here are the top five CBD products to help with pain relief.


CBD oil is a common way to take CBD. If you need fast-acting relief in a higher dosage, then CBD oil may be the best option. Oils are taken in the mouth and can start to work quickly because of this. The oil form of CBD helps you control your dosage if you need to take varying amounts depending on the day or severity of the pain.


CBD gummies are growing in popularity because they taste just like gummy bear candy and can be easily taken when needed. Although CBD gummies taste great, this type of delivery also means that CBD will start to work slower than CBD oil. If you don’t need immediate pain relief then CBD gummies may be a better option due to how easy they are to eat. CBD gummies also come in the same dose every time so this form can also be ideal if you don’t need to change the dosage frequently.


For spot treatment of pain such as joint pain, CBD cream is a great option. CBD cream is massaged onto the specific area of the pain, and higher-dose creams can be fast acting as well. CBD cream is a great option for athletes or people who exercise a lot and experience pain because the cream can be applied before the workout and help reduce inflammation of the area.


CBD roll-ons are gaining popularity because just like CBD cream, the roll-on version is applied to a specific area of pain. But unlike the cream, a CBD roll-on is mess-free because you simply roll it onto the area instead of using your hands to massage in a cream. CBD roll-ons are an ideal alternative for people who are on the go and don’t want to get their hands messy.

Bath Soak

CBD bath soaks are a great option to enjoy a bath and CBD together for full-body pain relief. Use a CBD bath soak like any other soak by placing it in a tub of warm water and letting your body soak in it. Your skin will absorb the CBD along with any other ingredients in the bath soak such as Epsom salt or essential oils. All of these ingredients work together to help relieve pain and also de-stress.

CBD products are becoming a widely accepted form to assist in pain relief. Choose a CBD product that’s right for the kind of pain relief you’re seeking that will address your pain and also fit your lifestyle.