How Ben Reinberg’s “I Own It” Podcast Is Changing The Entrepreneurism Landscape


Ben Reinberg is a man with a vision. As a seasoned entrepreneur in the world of commercial property, he had always believed in the power of knowledge and its ability to transform lives. He has been a commercial property executive for over two decades and now, with the next iteration of Ben’s brand, the “I Own It” podcast, those interested in commercial real estate are learning from Reinberg and his tier one guests consistently.

Originally, the podcast was designed to be a platform where Ben could share his insights, experiences, and expertise in the commercial property business. He knew that the world was hungry for information, and he wanted to provide a valuable resource for those who were looking to invest in the industry or expand their knowledge. Little did he know just how impactful this venture would be.

From the very first episode, “I Own It” struck a chord with listeners. Ben’s charismatic personality and ability to simplify complex concepts made the podcast accessible to both seasoned professionals and newcomers to the industry. Each episode featured interviews with successful investors, industry experts, and even ordinary people who had achieved extraordinary success in commercial property.  It has since expanded to include mentoring about many of Reinberg’s personal bests: entrepreneurism, health, wealth management, mentoring, personal growth, and so much more.

As the podcast gained traction, Ben noticed a significant increase in his own business. Listeners were inspired by the stories they heard, and the insights shared, and many reached out to Ben and his team for advice or to explore potential investment opportunities. The podcast became a gateway for building connections and fostering a sense of community among like-minded individuals.

One of the most notable impacts of “I Own It” on Ben’s business was the increase in his network. Through the podcast, he connected with other influential figures in the commercial property industry, expanding his circle of contacts. These new relationships opened doors to joint ventures, partnerships, and access to exclusive deals that would have otherwise been out of reach.

The podcast’s success also boosted Ben’s credibility as a thought leader in the commercial property and entrepreneurism sectors. This increased visibility not only brought more attention to his podcast but has also positioned him as an authority figure in the field. 

Beyond the direct impact on his business, “I Own It” also had an intangible but significant effect on Ben’s personal growth. Through researching and preparing for each episode, he deepened his understanding of each guest on a much more personal level. He expanded his own knowledge base, challenged his assumptions, and honed his analytical skills. This continuous learning and improvement have made Reinberg grateful for every guest, and directly translated into changes he has made in his organization and in the way he does business.

To date, Ben Reinberg’s “I Own It” podcast continues to be a transformative force in the lives of countless individuals who had the courage to pursue their dreams. Through his dedication to sharing rich experience and empowering others, Ben Reinberg has left an indelible mark on the industry he loves.