How Cars Are Being Transformed by Technology


Over the last few decades, technology has changed and evolved in a million ways and a million directions.

With that change, you can see a shift in the smartphones we hold, the laptops we use, and, most importantly, the cars we drive.

Technology helped and still helps change the automobile industry in so many ways that it’s hard to remember how things used to be just 25 years ago.

From upgraded safety measurements to exceptional features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the way we use cars has changed drastically.

So, today we’ll discuss how cars are being transformed by technology, and we benefited from that transformation. Let’s begin!

Safety Enhancement

One of the first things that technology focused on was improving safety. That’s because, on average, there are around 14,000 daily car accidents in the U.S. alone! Hence, it only makes sense that car manufacturers wanted to find ways to make their cars safer.

For instance, one of the best features at the moment is the adaptive cruise control (AAC) system. You can call this a “driving assistant,” as it helps you maintain a safe distance from the cars ahead by adjusting your speed.

Another fantastic feature is the autonomous emergency braking (AEB) system. This is another driver assistance system that helps prevent or mitigate collisions by applying the brakes when it detects an imminent crash.

Of course, the system doesn’t do this without alerting the driver first. If there’s no response in time, the car will brake automatically.

Comfort and Convenience

After ensuring everyone on the road is as safe as possible, the next thing technology worries about is comfort. Understandably, you can’t enjoy your trip if you’re uncomfortable!

Therefore, technology stepped in and offered many great features like heated and ventilated seats!

Heated seats came into the scene around the 1960s, while ventilated seats joined in the late 90s. Any car seat before these years is pretty basic in comparison.

Another convenient feature is adaptive headlights that turn as you move your steering wheel! Not that anything was wrong with the old headlights, but a little improvement is always welcome.

This feature lets you move the headlights with your steering wheel as you turn from left to right. It’s a great feature that offers both comfort and safety when driving in the middle of the night.

Entertainment and Connectivity 

As soon as safety and comfort were out, it was time to make driving more fun. After all, how could a person drive for hours on end with only the radio for entertainment?

So, features like USB connectivity and SD card slot were added to help drivers listen to music without affecting their driving. 

As technology improved, Bluetooth connectivity was introduced, and drivers could listen to music or make calls whenever they liked without using cables or cards. 

Lastly, as a fusion between two technological pieces, phones, and cars became almost one seamless piece of technology. How, you might wonder? 

This is because of programs like Apple’s CarPlay and Android’s Auto! They allow you to control almost everything in your phone through your car, from making calls and listening to music to navigating the road via Bluetooth.

Essentially, if it’s on your phone or on the internet, you can use it through your car’s display!

What’s more, you can use these features even if your car doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity! For example, you can still enjoy CarPlay by plugging in a USB cable to create a tether between the vehicle and the phone or by using a wireless carplay adapter.

Final Words

So, do you understand how cars are being transformed by technology? 

It’s a relatively seamless and quiet process that took us from a world where cars were just a means of transportation to a world where they’re turning into personal computers.

You can enjoy a safe ride while listening to music or having a long conversation with a loved one. Moreover, you can use programs like CarPlay and Auto to enhance your driving experience. 

To sum up, technology took everything in its path to the next level, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon!