Discover the World of Holographic Stickers


Holographic stickers are a fun and creative way to add a little sparkle and personality to your belongings or marketing materials. Shiny objects are eye-catching on their own, but when they change color or create a holographic effect, they become even more dynamic. With holographic stickers, you can make a bold statement in any shape, size, or design, including a custom logo.

Stickers have been a popular form of self-expression for years, and for good reason. They are an easy way to make a statement, can be as colorful or plain as you desire, and as elaborate or simple as you wish. Stickers can also commemorate events, tell a story, and bring back fond memories. For instance, travel stickers were once placed on suitcases to create a vibrant and colorful “passport” of one’s journeys.

Creating your stickers online is a breeze with a sticker template. There are various sticker types available, including die-cut, kiss-cut, custom sticker sheets, and holographic. Die-cut stickers are contour-shaped with a split back for easy peeling and application. Kiss-cut stickers are single stickers with a paper backing, making it easy to remove them and provide extra space for other marketing, such as contact information or coupons. Custom sticker sheets are also kiss-cut, but they contain multiple stickers on one sheet, even with different designs. The additional area can be used for marketing information, like a kiss cut. Holographic stickers, on the other hand, add color-changing sparkle to your custom stickers.

The history of holograms dates back to 1947 when Hungarian scientist Dennis Gabor used a filtered light beam to refine the design of an electron microscope. The first computer-generated holograms were produced in 1967. Holographic stickers use color and light to produce images that change as your position and the light change.

Whether you are a sticker enthusiast who loves to design, someone planning a commemorative event, or someone looking to add some pizzazz to your PR plan, holographic stickers are an excellent choice. With holographic stickers, you can stand out from the crowd and make your design sparkle and shine.