What to Think About When Starting Your First Business Out Of College


Starting a business right out of college can teach you a number of lessons about the professional world. You might be able to work for yourself for your entire career but you have to be open to learning. Finding a mentor can be so important as these individuals can help immensely. Another entrepreneur can be a great mentor but you want a mentor that will be critical of bad decisions. You want honest advice rather than to have someone agree with every single business move you make. A mentor can play devil’s advocate to highlight negative aspects of a plan as every plan has drawbacks. The following are tips on how to thrive and what to think about when starting a business out of college. 

Keeping Overhead Costs As Low As Possible

Overhead costs need to be kept low as you likely don’t have a massive operational budget right out of college. If you can work from home, this is a great advantage that you have. Living with supportive parents while establishing a business can allow you to do it right. Creating revenue and showing progress can be a good way to get unsupportive parents on board with your business idea. Technology has also made it as easy as even to earn supplemental income at this time if you are living on your own to combat rent prices.

Becoming Profitable Before Hiring Full-Time Employees

The freelance community is so healthy in today’s world and there is no lack of talent. Hiring professionals to help with building a website and optimizing it for SEO does not require a full-time hire. If you are running an online business, you can even staff the sales team with freelancers. You will want to have some sort of script for the freelance sales team as you do not want them harming the reputation of the business by being pushy or rude. 

Hiring full-time employees should only be done when you absolutely have to. You want to make sure that you have enough work to hire these people. Versatile employees during the infancy of a business can be plugged in where they are needed. Flexibility is always important when working with a startup as things can change quickly. There is a chance that the business creates another main source of revenue as it changes over time. 

Outsourcing Where Necessary

Small business bookkeeping services can provide convenience to a young business owner. You want to ensure employees are happy and you might forget to run payroll. The last thing you want are problems among staff that can be easily remedied through outsourcing. Digital marketing is another area where outsourcing is usually a great idea. There are so many components that can impact the success of a business in terms of its online marketing. Take the time to create a checklist of areas to outsource so you can focus on other areas that are within your wheelhouse.

Running your first business will always come with challenges. Take these challenges on with a wise approach and source work to other businesses as needed.