5 Projects that Would Benefit from a Utility PMO


A PMO or Project Management Office is a group or department within or contracted for a business, agency, or enterprise that defines and maintains standards for project management within the organization. The PMO seeks to improve the overall efficiency of an organization’s projects.

A Utility PMO can be extremely helpful for utilities to know what data to collect and how for particular organizations and projects. They can be beneficial for large organizations with multiple projects going on simultaneously.

There are three types of PMOs

  • Supporting: This type of PMO provides templates, best practices, access to information, and training to project managers. As the name suggests, a supporting PMO is supportive and does not have the power to enforce things. They can only guide and recommend actions and provide information.
  • Controlling: This type of PMO manages and monitors projects to ensure they are completed on time and within budget. Controlling PMOs have a medium amount of power and control. They provide similar elements as a supportive PMO, but the templates, frameworks, and documentation must be followed.
  • Directive: This type of PMO takes over the projects and brings their management resources and expertise to fully manage a project. This goes beyond the power of supporting and controlling PMOs.

When thinking about whether bringing in a utility PMO is right for your business and situation, it is helpful to know what specific types of projects would benefit from hiring a utility PMO. Here are 5 different projects that would benefit from utilizing a utility PMO:

1. System Integration Projects:

System integration projects are those that involve combining multiple systems into one cohesive unit. This can be a complex and expensive undertaking, particularly if the systems being integrated are from different vendors. A utility PMO can help to ensure that such projects are completed on time and within budget by providing experienced project managers who are familiar with the complexities of system integration.

2. New Service Introductions:

Utilities frequently introduce new services or make changes to existing services in response to customer demand or regulatory requirements. These changes can be disruptive to operations, so it is important to plan and manage them carefully. A utility PMO can provide the experience and expertise necessary to ensure that new service introductions proceed smoothly and do not adversely impact other parts of the business.

3. Regulatory Compliance Projects:

Utilities are subject to a variety of regulations, many of which require the implementation of specific processes or technologies. Compliance with these regulations can be a complex and time-consuming process, particularly if multiple regulations must be addressed simultaneously. A utility PMO can help to ensure that compliance projects are planned and executed in a way that minimizes disruption to operations and maximizes the likelihood of success.

4. Infrastructure Upgrade Projects:

As customer demand for electricity grows, utilities must often upgrade their infrastructure to meet increased demand. These projects can be costly and disruptive but are necessary to maintain reliable service. A utility PMO can help to ensure that such projects are planned and executed effectively and timely.

5. Crisis Management Projects:

From time to time, utilities may find themselves faced with a crisis that threatens the safety or reliability of their service. These crises can be caused by natural disasters, equipment failures, or other unforeseen events. A utility PMO who has expertise in this area can be your business’s saving grace.