5-minute Team-Building Exercises For Your Remote Workers


You can very much toss the benefits of team bonding activities out the window if your workers don’t understand the value of team building. Your staff would, however, enjoy it if you offered them a few 5-minute team-building exercises rather than dull and stupid corporate team-bonding games.


A productive virtual team-building exercise goes beyond simple enjoyment. It aids in the understanding of how each person thinks, works, believes and enjoys remote workers.

The inventive activities listed here will help you effectively run a brief virtual employee engagement session, whether your goal is to provide recruit orientation in this distant setting or just to bring your group closer together.


Depending on your circumstances, these games can be adjusted or adapted for your teams.

Peculiar and distinct

This fantastic and fast virtual team-building game may help your coworkers connect on a more personal level and strengthen their bonds, which is crucial in today’s distant environment. Each participant in the group or video chat gets to reveal one peculiar and distinctive aspect about themselves. Additionally, you can prolong this fast team-building exercise by having everyone think about it for a few seconds and then discuss it.


For instance, “I completed a whole marathon or made it to the base camp of Mount Everest” might be considered unique, while “I can sleep while standing on a moving bus” could be considered peculiar about the individual. 


Find out more about your colleagues’ personal lives via humor. Your team will have fun after participating in this fantastic team exercise. 

Virtual storytelling

This exercise may serve as an effective icebreaker to boost creativity and communication.

Here’s how it works: someone starts by saying something like, “Once there was a time in my city,” followed by the second person saying, “There was a traffic congestion,” and so on. You may choose how long this workout lasts, and it turns out to be amusing. It may also be structured like the introduction, plot 1, plot 2, plot 3, and finish to add intrigue. The host may direct the narrative and prevent it from veering off subject or becoming monotonous.

Do the 4c’s

This is a fantastic team-building exercise for your online meetings. Car, color, cartoon character, and cuisine are the four “Cs.” All that’s left to do is request that each employee list, along with an explanation, a vehicle, color, cartoon character, and food that best captures who they are.

It is a fast virtual exercise to strengthen team ties and learn more about one another’s hobbies.

One lie, two truths

One of those enjoyable, lightning-fast 5-minute team-building exercises. Each participant in this game must disclose two facts about themselves and one untruth. Each person would first be asked to share three statements, two of which would be true and one false. Later, the team members voted to determine which of the statements was a lie. 


So play “Two Truths & One Lie” weekly during your team-building activities. Your team will undoubtedly be surprised by this game. You’ll learn fascinating details about each team member that you didn’t know previously.


The session will undoubtedly be the best stress reliever and will be remembered for its abundance of laughs. Laughter is not only the best medicine but also the best remote team builder.