The State of Texas Cybersecurity in 2022


As the world increasingly relies on digital systems and interconnectivity, the state of Texas will need to be at the forefront of ensuring that its cyberspace is secure.

Currently, the state of Texas has made some good strides in terms of its cybersecurity posture. The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) has been working to improve the state’s cybersecurity infrastructure and has made some significant progress.

Texas Cybersecurity Council

The Texas Cybersecurity Council (TXCSC) was created by the DIR as a public-private partnership between the state of Texas and the private sector to improve cybersecurity in the state. In 2022, the Texas Cybersecurity Council will be a leading authority on cybersecurity in the state of Texas.

Promote Awareness and Education

The council will work to promote cybersecurity awareness and education, as well as coordinate efforts to protect Texans from cyber threats. The council will also be responsible for developing and implementing statewide policies and procedures related to cybersecurity.

Promote Public-Private Partnerships

The council will also promote public-private partnerships to raise awareness of cybersecurity threats and improve responses to incidents. Additionally, the council will support research and development initiatives aimed at improving cyber defenses in Texas.

Create a Cyber Security Strategy

The TXCSC has been instrumental in helping the state create a comprehensive cyber security strategy. This strategy includes detecting and responding to threats quickly, increasing awareness among Texans about cyber security risks, and investing in cutting-edge technologies to stay ahead of cyber criminals.

Texas Identity Theft Prevention Act

The state has also passed several laws to strengthen its cyber security posture. For example, the Texas Identity Theft Prevention Act requires businesses to take reasonable steps to protect customer data, and the Texas Cybersecurity Framework provides guidance for businesses on how to implement strong cyber security practices.

Protecting Citizens

The State of Texas has made significant strides in improving its cyber security posture. The state has invested heavily in both personnel and technology to harden its infrastructure and better protect its citizens’ data.

With the help of the TXCSC and other partners, Texas will continue to be a leader in protecting its citizens from cyber threats.