How To Handle Client Entertainment To Ensure Success


Client acquisition can be immensely expensive with no guarantee of landing a client relationship that will last for years. Retention of clients can allow for consistent growth without having to focus primarily on sales. The ability to predict cash flow can make it far easier to operate as a company. Client entertainment is a staple of business and has been for generations. Building rapport with a contact that makes decisions can be invaluable when it comes to retention. Being the person that has relationships with multiple large clients can also provide quite a bit of job security. The following are a few tips to handle client entertainment to ensure company success. 

Research Client’s Social Media Profiles

Social media can be used as a tool to help you plan client entertainment. You might find that a current client loves seafood. Taking them to a great seafood restaurant can be exactly what they would want to do. Most clients will have interests listed on company profiles as well as highlighting employees. This helps brands put faces to names or email addresses. 

Don’t Overindulge With Alcohol

Alcohol could be a part of the client entertainment process. You can enjoy yourself, but do not get out of control when it comes to your alcohol consumption. Try to keep the client from doing anything that might embarrass them the next day due to drinking too much. There will be clients that are party animals so make sure you understand what type of night you have ahead of you. If properly planned, clients will be sure to mention that they enjoyed the time with you which will be important to your superiors. 

Understand Cultural Norms

Clients could be from a different country that has vastly different cultural norms. Business interactions differ around the globe with some cultures considering a handshake disrespectful. Declining a cup of tea in another culture before business discussions start can sour a potential deal immediately. Even the timeliness that meetings are attended differs. Some cultures consider the meeting time as a general guideline, whereas others expect you to be early or very prompt. Do a bit of research to ensure that no norms are broken during business dealings. 

Set Up Great Accommodations For Your Clients

Clients that come to negotiate a multi-year contract might want to be in town for a week or two. Hammering out the details of contracts is far easier in the same room than going back and forth via email. You can rent out a nice Airbnb or another rental in an interesting location in your city. Taking clients out during negotiations can be fun for everyone especially if entering into a mutually beneficial agreement. Picking clients up from the airport can also be important as figuring out Uber in certain cities is nothing short of a nightmare.

Client entertainment can be a blast when you truly connect with a client on a personal level. On top of having a great time, client entertainment can also lead to many successful business ventures.