The Secret to Cooking the Most Flavorful Meat at Your Restaurant


The entire purpose of owning and running a restaurant is to serve your guests food. You want to be known for your meats and how good they taste if you want to keep customers coming back for more.

If you prepare tasty and flavorful food then you can almost guarantee your restaurant will be a success. Learn the secrets and tips for cooking the most flavorful meat at your restaurant so you can ensure your customers rave about it.

Use Ideal Cuts & Types of Meat

One secret to cooking the most flavorful meat at your restaurant is to use the right cuts and types of meat. For example, you can choose to use USDA prime steaks and always use fresh, never frozen steaks. Check high-end grocery stores and butcher shops for these types of meats. When you freeze a steak, it can lead to ice crystals or freezer burn. Thick steaks not only look better too but will caramelize when you cook them long enough.

Have the Right Grill, Charbroiler & Cooking Equipment

It’s also essential that you have the right type of grill, wood-burning charbroiler, and cooking equipment in your restaurant kitchen. You not only need to have these items but also make sure they’re clean and ready to go for each use. You can get a truly nice crust and delicious tasting steak when you use certain types of commercial broilers.

Take Time to Prepare the Meat

Another tip or secret to cooking the most flavorful meat at your restaurant is to let the steak rest before cooking it. Let it come to room temperature before putting it on the grill. Some cooks will even wet-age their steaks. It’ll be that much more tender when you store it in an airtight, vacuum-sealed plastic bag for a few days or even weeks, or you can dry-age your beef anywhere from two to three weeks.

Use Seasonings & Spices

You can’t forget about applying the various seasonings or spices to your meat to make it more flavorful as well. You may even want to opt to use a lot of butter on your steaks. Cooks will ensure the meat is full of flavor by using a lot of salt and even other items such as pepper, garlic, and onion powders. Make sure your spices are never expired and clear out any that are old so you don’t use them.

Apply the Right Cooking Technique

Always use super-high heat to ensure your meat is flavorful and tasty. Commercial-grade broilers will do the trick and reach very high temperatures. It’s also important that you flip your steams frequently and make sure you’re cooking both sides evenly. One best practice for most grillmasters is to flip it every three to four minutes. After you cook it, be sure to let it rest. Consider using different cooking methods for different cuts.

These are some necessary secrets and tips to cooking the most flavorful meat at your restaurant. It won’t be long before you’re ready to serve your steaks or meats and see the positive responses and reactions from your guests.