5 Tips for Optimizing Your Kitchen Space


It doesn’t matter what size kitchen you have; you have to make sure that you are utilizing the space in the best possible way. Some people have tiny kitchens that look simply stunning with modern kitchen cabinets and others have larger kitchens full of clutter; it’s a matter of whether you know how to use the space properly or not. You can make the most of a kitchen of any size as long as it’s organized. 


Cooking and cleaning is made much less stressful when you can organize the kitchen properly, and to ensure that you can do this, you need to assess your kitchen and match that assessment to your needs. How do you use your kitchen? This is the first question to ask yourself, and with that in mind, we’ve got five tips for optimizing your kitchen space:

Consider Your Lighting

Kitchens don’t need mood lighting: they need under cabinet lighting and task lighting so that you can see what you’re doing. Light dimmer switches are nice, but not for the kitchen. You want to work safely and efficiently and not slice your fingers while you cook.

Create A Smooth Workflow

Consider the way in which you cook and prepare meals and how you move around the kitchen. If you find you’re going back and forth to different appliances and cupboards, you should figure out whether you need to rearrange things and move smaller appliances around to match the cupboards above them. Everything should have a logical path to it to make it run more easily.

Make The Most Of Your Storage

Every kitchen needs to have the best storage space and if you don’t have enough of it, you need to reduce the things that you’re storing. Organize all of your modern kitchen cabinets and pantry so that you keep the common use items together. This is so important if you have a small kitchen, too, and you can group together your pots and pans near the oven for easy-reach while you;re cooking.

Move Up The Walls

Some kitchens are very short on floor space, and if that’s the case for your kitchen, you’ll need to consider storage in other areas. The wall space is an important piece of the kitchen you could use to add storage, from open shelving to cabinets mounted to the wall for a storage solution you could use.

Give Your Kitchen Zones

You can really find your kitchen far more efficient if you give the area zones. If you eat in the kitchen, have a separate area for your mats and coasters. If you wash dishes in the kitchen and not the pantry to the side, keep your cleaning items down the bottom of the sink and everything will be in easy reach. You need to ensure that every area of your kitchen is functional and you can do that when you optimize the space into zones. Organizing your kitchen space is more than just putting cups away prettily, it’s about making the space easy to live in.