Drones and Your Commercial Construction Projects: What You Should Know


The usage of drones is expanding to a number of industries due to their versatility. The personal usage of drones allows people to take amazing videos from a number of elevations. Commercial usage of drones differs vastly as drones can assist with everything from safety inspections to planning for a large construction project. Construction projects can be massive which makes it essential to look at the progress being made from an aerial perspective. A client might want updates on the large project, which is far easier to show them via drone footage. 

Drones make avoiding construction accidents and safety inspections more efficient. Instead of climbing to a height, you can have a professional drone pilot handle the flying. Avoiding injuries on the job is important when it comes to productivity of a crew. 

Safety Improvements

Drone inspection is becoming more prevalent in construction and infrastructure safety protocols. The improvement of a person not having to climb up to a massive height or be in an unsafe environment cannot be understated. Falls are the most common cause of construction worker death which is something to take into account. Safety inspections are imperative whether it is for a pipeline, plant facility, or bridge. Roadways can also be dangerous and need to be inspected. Flying a drone to inspect the road or bridge is far safer than risking a worker being so close to traffic. 

Planning in Hard to Reach Areas

Natural disasters unfortunately are a reality for a number of people around the world. A hurricane or flooding can result in a number of issues that need to be remedied. The ability to get images from a drone can allow those repairing the infrastructure to establish a plan. Hard to reach areas could also include that of thick forest where vehicles cannot easily traverse. Mapping technology has become significantly clearer even over the course of the last few years. 

Professional Drone Pilots Are Recommended 

Drones that are used for commercial purposes have different restrictions than those used for personal reasons. The FAA has to license and certify commercial drone pilots. FlyGuys has an array of pilots that span across the country that have handled flying a drone in all conditions. Safety inspections on job sites need to be done by drone pilots to ensure that all of the boxes are marked in terms of safety. A professional drone pilot will be able to make sure that the drone captures all the data necessary for the inspector to fully evaluate the asset.  

Drones are going to continue to improve in terms of technology. Software and cameras on drones will also improve as technology advances. More construction companies are going to implement drone usage due to the benefits associated.