What Clients Need to Know About Compliance


Data security has been becoming an increasingly large concern for businesses over the last couple of decades. New laws and regulations have come into place across the world, and the general public has never been more aware of how their data is used by companies. Any business that handles data needed to be compliant with the rules in their country and any other countries they do business in, but what exactly do you need to focus on to tick all of the boxes in this complex area?


Most modern business websites collect data in some form or another. Cookies are small chunks of data that are stored by sites to improve the experience of their customers. You need to make visitors to your site aware that you have cookies in place when they first visit you, giving them specific options to enable them to control the data you collect. Alongside this, you will also need a privacy policy in place that users can easily find, giving them all of the information they need to know what you will do with their data.


While you may not be using digital technology to record data in-person, anything that you collect when face to face with a customer has to follow the same rules as data collected online. This means that the person giving their data to you has to be aware of why it is important, while also having the chance to restrict what they share with you. If you plan to pass this data to any other company, your customer will also have to be made aware of this.

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Third-Party Data

Third-party data can be a great way to give yourself a head start when you’re beginning a new marketing drive, with many companies selling information that can act as leads. If those you contact with data like this didn’t want to be contacted, though, you could find yourself in trouble. It’s crucial that you make sure that the companies you buy data from have the right to sell it, with a physical document being used to prove that you own the data once you have paid for it.

Keeping Information Secure

Keeping information secure isn’t always easy in the modern world. Hackers, user error, and even simple accidents can all result in data being leaked or lost, but your customers won’t care how it happened; they just want to make sure that their information is safe. As a business, you don’t have to bear this weight on your own, as you can find plenty of support when you’re working on your compliance measures.

Here at Cenetric, our dedicated team of security experts and legal professionals can help you to improve your data security and compliance without pushing you to spend a fortune in the process. We work extremely hard to provide reliable and trustworthy services, while also giving each and every one of our clients the top-notch support that we’ve become known for.