The Benefits of a Wood-Burning Commercial Grill


Wood-burning commercial grills are bringing a special vibe to 21st-century restaurants. There are several benefits of cooking on an open fire and this natural approach resonates with chefs and diners all around the world. 

Wood-burning commercial grills retain the flavor in a variety of ingredients and can be used to prepare anything from BBQ ribs to perfect pizzas. Here are a few benefits of a wood-burning commercial grill.  

Enhanced Flavors

The firewood smoke enhances flavors, especially in meat. It minimizes the loss of natural juices. This means using a wood-burning commercial grill helps to retain the taste. It’s ideal for showing off the natural flavors in lovingly grown local produce. If you want to intensify the flavors of your carefully chosen ingredients without masking them too much, wood-fire grills are the way to go.

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Greater Control

They give the chef greater control over many, otherwise unruly variables. You can adjust the heat, distance, and smoke. There are also subtle differences between burning different types of wood, and you can choose the right one depending on your recipes. 

Most newer models have varying temperature settings so you get a lot of control over your cooking and they’re very easy to use. They can also be disassembled, cleaned, and repaired without much trouble.

A Theatrical Touch

Wood-burning commercial grills add a theatrical touch. Restaurant goers love being able to see into the kitchen and a wood-fire grill makes a great impression. Flame-grilled cooking is pretty cool to watch and for this reason, many top kitchens show their chefs playing with fire. You also get tantalizing sounds and smells coming from the grill which will whet your guests’ appetite.

More Versatility

One of the main appeals of wood-burning commercial grills is their versatility. The open flames can be used to grill, braise, smoke, roast, and BBQ. You can gradually adjust the temperature to your liking and choose your method of cooking. Wood-fire grills are not only perfect for BBQing meat, you can prepare a number of dishes from chargrilled vegetables to even desserts. 

Consistent results

Cooking with a wood-burning commercial grill brings consistent results. You’ll produce the same great meals each time. Newer models maintain the fire so you don’t have to and you can focus on perfecting your recipes. Your chefs will be able to deliver amazing dishes time after time, freshly prepared in front of your diners. Wood-burning commercial grills will help to boost your restaurant’s reputation.


It’s easy to see why many top restaurants are investing in wood-burning commercial grills. This natural humble-looking way of cooking is actually a great way to get professional results. If your grillers are on display, the flames add entertainment as well as flavor and contribute to the ambiance. Invest in a wood-burning commercial grill to bring a dramatic flair to your kitchen, and never fail to impress.