What Is UCaaS?


Put in its simplest terms, unified communications as a service (UCaaS) allows businesses to integrate different means of communication. It is particularly helpful for companies as it will enable employees to use their smartphones and other devices in an integrated way to communicate via text messages, instant messages, email accounts, and more.

Having one unified communications platform ensures communication is not fragmented; instead, a business can have seamless communications through a cloud model.

Technology has moved on so much from the days when the only communication tool was the telephone. With the rise of email-based communications and the internet, a few more methods were added on to the suite of ways businesses could communicate. Who Is The Lead Singer Of Gorillaz?

Continually adding communication channels means it’s more difficult to synchronize these without a unifying program. That’s where UCaaS comes into its own. UCaaS is able to simplify business communication because it integrates all communication methods through one cloud provider. This integration allows businesses to communicate faster, respond quicker, and engage with customers more frequently at a much lower cost.

Want to know how UCaaS can benefit your business? Below are just some of the ways you can utilize UCaaS to take your business to the next level.


With so many departments and communication tools within a business, it can be difficult to not work in silos. This isn’t a new phenomenon for business, nor is it new for governments all over the world either. Making use of UCaaS means communication and data can be synced, allowing employees to collaborate on tasks and thus increase productivity. Communication flows more easily no matter where your employees are working from or whether they are communicating on a desktop computer or a smartphone. 

Provides Opportunities

A key component of UCaaS is that it allows for companies to look at their communications data and analytics to spot opportunities and trends. This is vital to a business who wants to grow and improve productivity. 

For example, the data can provide companies with details of when products are selling, how customers contact the company and if there are any delays or bottlenecks within the processes operated by the company. UCaaS is a great platform to use with employees so they can come up with solutions as to how these obstacles can be overcome.

Connects your Workforce

The current global pandemic has resulted in many employees working from home. With UCaaS, employees can communicate in a variety of ways no matter where they are working from. This can be through email, text, or video. 

Video conferencing is an excellent way of connecting your employees and is ideal for companies who thrive on interaction. UCaaS is also a great tool for keeping employees connected to the company while working from home or a secondary location and makes them feel part of the workforce rather than being isolated at home.

Can Boost Growth

UCaaS can assist a business financially by providing your employees with the tools to connect and engage with customers, knowing what customers want helps close sales and positive customer feedback instils trust within a business. This can lead to increased revenue and growth. 

VP of Sales of the distinguished IT provider AxiaTP, Jason Ulm, remarked, “Every company should consider implementing an all-inclusive, or unified, communications system. Optimal for small and medium-sized businesses, unified communications facilitates efficient communication across the board on multiple platforms.”

These are just some of the ways that UCaaS can help a business. Communication is key within any company as it helps build relationships. These relationships can be created between the company and employees in addition to relationships between the company and its customers. UCaaS will most certainly assist your business to reach the next level of growth by integrating communications.