3 Ways Hemp Can Make You More Productive


Whether you’re in business, a college student studying for exams, a busy mom, or just feeling overall stressed in your day to day goings, it’s nice to know that there are different products, remedies, and solutions for you that are being developed, manufactured, and thought up every day. One of those that has recently come to light is called Hemp. Hemp comes from the Cannabis leaf but differs from Marijuana in a variety of ways. The first being that it has a reduced level of THC which is the drug that promotes an intoxication that so many people crave from weed. There are many benefits from THC, and also many questions that go along with it, such as Will Delta 8 get me high? But, if that’s what you’re looking for, you won’t find it in Hemp. But if you’re looking for the benefits of cannabis without the intoxication, Hemp is exactly what you’re looking for. So, here are 3 ways Hemp can help you stay productive in your daily lives.

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  1.     Reduces headaches. 

My mom used to get incredible headaches when my brothers and I were still living with her. I’m sure it had to do a lot with her worrying about us, and because of that, I can only assume that mothers everywhere are feeling the same way. The CBD flower found in Hemp helps reduce headaches and decrease stress on the mind. If you find yourself constantly trying to de stress and get rid of your headache in order to continue working, Hemp can help you do some more effectively and efficiently so that you can go about your day pain free. 

  1.     Heal external wounds and cuts. 

Hemp is commonly used in “do it yourself” remedies and medicines. Although you can find it in pre made medicines you can buy off the shelf in many places, because it’s so easy to buy in bulk, and cheaper that way, lots of people just do it themselves. It’s most commonly used to make oil and ointments. If you add CBD flower to an additive oil like olive oil or diluting oils it mixes well and will infuse its healing properties with whatever oil you added it to.

  1.     Sharpen the axe. 

It’s a common misconception that in order to be productive you need to be working all the time. Not true. If you feel yourself getting tired or burned out, it’s proven that you’ll be more productive and get more done if you rest for a bit and then continue working when you feel like you can think clearly. Once you can do this, you’ll not only produce better work, but you’ll be able to do so more quickly. If you need help relaxing, try CBD strains. These strains come in a variety of flavors that are not only tasteful and unique but will also help you to relax and de stress before you go back to the grindstone. There’s a flavor for everyone. I’d recommend trying a couple to find one you like. It’ll just be better for you in the long run if you already know what you prefer.